Hey, I’m Max, and I’m the only guy behind the curtains of GeekDummy.com. I created this website in order to help users to solve problems and bugs with their gadgets. I don’t rate myself as a Geek or Tech Guru of some sort, I’m just passionate about new technology and want to share it with you.

More to say. I’m not a professional writer, I’m just a dude who describe the stuff in simple language… the way I understand it. There is one more thing about me… English is not my native language! You had probably figured that out by now… But it doesn’t stop me sharing my thoughts with people all over the world.

I spent a lot of hours of research and writing to create all the Guidance and Lessons, but I don’t charge anyone for using it. It’s all FREE FOR YOU… just take it. On the other hand keeping this website running (VPS hosting, domain name, SEO, food and drinks…) cost me quite few dollars a month.

Therefore, if you found GeekDummy.com helpful or we saved you a trip to repair center, please support. Just one dollar would a big help for me.

Thank you! I really appreciate that! We can change the World together!