How to fix macOS language switching bug? [Real FIX]
Not long ago I started to experience an issue with input language switching in macOS. The problem comes when I try to switch the input language Russian-English-Russian. Despite pressing the right key combination
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“Face ID is Not Available” since I dropped an iPhone [Understanding]
Dropped iPhone Failed Face ID
For the last six months I’ve been planning to write an article regarding Face ID issues on iPhone, but never started… either because I didn’t have much experience, or being lazy to study the subject.
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How to import vcf contacts to iPhone? [Easy Guide]
Not long ago my sister asked me to help to restore contacts on her new iPhone. In normal situation people would synchronize it through iCloud and then it’s not a problem, but in her case some “helper”
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Why 4th Pin of Lightning connector turned black? [Understanding]
Lightning pin turned black
Yet another post inspired by “amazing” quality of Apple’s lightning (and not only) cables. In one of my previous articles I already mentioned some common issues of lightning cables, but recently
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How to check App Store purchase history? [Dummy Guide]
Despite seeming simplicity and intuitive interface, your iPhone can also be a pain in the ass. I bet any money that you don’t remember how to set your favorite tune as a ringtone? How about uploading movies to iPhone?
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[SOLVED] AirPods case doesn’t charge – What should I do?
Here we go! Another problem! Somebody would say, the life is too boring without problems… What do you think? In any way, Apple products may keep our lives excited… especially when something doesn’t work as it supposed to.
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Understanding “iPhone is disabled – try again in 15 minutes” [FIX]
iPhone is disabled
Serious? Did your iPhone get locked again? … Unbelievable! You might start thinking that iPhone is the most problematic phone ever… We can say so, but only due to all sort of blockages that may occur on
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[SOLVED] How to reset iPhone?
This article may become a total frustration for some Apple fans… You are going to face a horrible truth about Apple devices! Every iPhone, iPad or MAC computer can possibly glitch, get stuck or freeze
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DFU mode on iPhone or iPad [with a HOME button]
DFU mode on iPhone
I often get bombarded by questions from desperate users who can’t get their iPhones working. The most common complaint is when iPhone doesn’t turn on or take a charge. There is an article where I take
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How to trim a video on iPhone? [Tutorial]
The age of compact digital cameras is almost over. Do you remember when you’ve used one last time? I don’t… These days ordinary people solely use cameras of mobile phones, whether for making photos or shooting video.
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