How to change Apple ID on iPhone [A-Z Guide]

Quite often I meet iPhone users, who don’t know Apple ID information which is entered in their iDevices. These are weird people… Don’t you think? They don’t realize they miss brilliant Apple services, thus whole idea of using an iPhone is perverted… If you are one of them, READ this article IN FULL! Today I will explain how to change Apple ID on iPhone for your own. At the end of the post you’ll get a BONUS (secret way of sharing paid apps between iOS devices).

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How to create Apple ID without credit card [A-Z Guide]

How to create Apple ID

I think most of you guys already know what “Apple ID” means? If not, please check inside of your pockets now. If you find an iPhone or iPad, you MUST READ this article IN FULL and do exactly how it’s explained in Step-by-Step guide below. Trust me, it’s not another «Blah-Blah-Blah…» article, and I’m serious about that. The information on this page is VERY IMPORTANT and VITAL in order to set up you iPhone ones and right. Today I will explain how to create Apple ID without entering credit card details.

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TOP 11 must have MAC apps for your new MacBook

TOP must have apps for your MacBook

If you just bought a new MacBook I doubt you’re satisfied with the amount of preinstalled programs and applications. Thus to make sure your new MacBook is ready for serious work I would suggest to “equip” it with some additional MAC applications. Don’t worry it doesn’t include any drivers installation or “hard to perform” settings. Today I’m going to share with you my own TOP 11 must have MAC apps to be installed on new MAC computers.

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