How to downgrade iOS on iPhone? [Idiot Guide]

Downgrade iOS

Hi… What did you say? You don’t like new iOS version?! … Why did you upgrade it so quick then? … I never upgrade in the first few weeks after a new release. I prefer to see feedback from other users first. In the past 4 years, there was not even ones when newly released iPhone’s firmware was not laggy or affected battery life. Every year Apple promise us something “extraordinary and magnificent” with new features and emoji of course. In real life we usually get laggy interface, shortened battery life, self closing apps and … new emoji (it’s coming as a bonus probably). Users (who upgraded) start posting numerous complaints all over internet, and Apple starts to issue minor updates with patches to all of the problems. I wouldn’t wait that long! If you are ready to sacrifice new emoji for longer battery life, here is a step by step Idiot Guide on how to downgrade iOS on iPhone.

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How to reset iPhone to factory settings? [Ultimate Guide]

Ok. New iPhone models are out! Who’s gonna swap? I’m staying with my iPhone 6S for now… It still does a good job for me. But if you decided to sell or give away your iPhone, it’s VERY important to delete all information and linked Apple accounts. It’s not because I want so, it’s because you’ll eliminate potential problems for the new owner this way. Even if you give it to your wife or kids, you must reset iPhone to factory settings! And I’m more than serious when I say this… In this article I’ll take you step by step so you can completely wipe your iPhone.

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How to Unlock iPhone? [Ultimate Guide]

How to unlock iPhone


Hi there! I presume, you found this page since your iPhone is LOCKED… OK, it’s good that you found me, since I’m honestly willing to help. There are so many articles out there which either confuse people or try to promote some dodgy unlocking services. Beware, BTW!!! I’m not gonna do that… Instead we’ll try to resolve your problem and see what options you have to unlock your iPhone.

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