How to delete all photos from iPhone in less than 3 seconds? [Idiot Guide]

How to delete all photos on iPhone

ATTENTION, please! Do you want to delete all photos from iPhone in just 3 seconds? Then this article is for YOU! I guarantee the method works exactly as “advertised”. I don’t ask for the reasons of deleting your home videos and photos, but you should know it’s so easy to implement. Even if you have thousands of files to delete, we can do it directly from iPhone… in just 3 seconds. Moreover, we don’t need a computer or Lightning cable to do that. All you need is one hand with two fingers on it… Do you qualify? Let’s begin…

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How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer [Idiot Guide]

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer

Every iPhone owner is more or less obsessed with a photography on iPhone built-in camera. It’s so handy and quick and it’s always with you. I make shots on my iPhone every single day. At work – to keep important information I work with, at home – to imprint memories of our family life. Eventually all those pictures and videos start taking too much space on the iPhone, so it’s time to do something about it. In this article I’ll show you how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer. We’ll do it in six different ways, so you can pick one or two for future use.

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How to backup iPhone to iCloud and iTunes [Ultimate Guide]

How to backup iphone icloud

Have you ever lost all of the contacts stored in your phone? I had ones… And it was painful to restore them back one by one. After that lesson I got a small paper notebook where I kept all important contact details. It was year 2002, so don’t laugh at my «personal real paperback backup storage». Those days are gone and technologies went far ahead of «pen and paper» ideology. Today, to backup all information from the phone, you have to press not more than one button. Of course you have to know which one… So in this article I will show how to backup iPhone to iCloud and iTunes. Let’s begin…

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How to clear iCloud storage? [Ultimate guide]

Clear iCloud Storage

Right, I tell you how it is! I love Apple products… OK? So probably you can call me an «Apple fan boy». My friends know about that, so every time there is problem with iPhone or MAC, they bring it to me. Great, innit? Not long ago one of them asked to help with an iPhone, which had an annoying message pop up «Not Enough Storage. This iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available…». The message would create some kind of discomfort rather than problems. I’m sure most of you got yourself into similar situation, but not many people know how to solve the issue and what exactly had taken all 5Gb of iCloud storage. Today I will explain the reason and show you how to clear iCloud storage… Let’s begin!

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