How to set your own ringtone on iPhone? [Idiot Guide]

You should agree with me if I say that iOS interface is pretty simple… Installing apps, setting the alarm and many other things we do on iPhone are coming naturally without problems. Despite deceiving simplicity, iPhone users may stuck at usual tasks like music transfer, contacts synchronization or even setting of a custom ringtone. It happened to me, it happen to you. It’s not possible to know everything… But you can always find a guide online. So in this guide I’m about to show you how to set your own ringtone on iPhone.

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How to download YouTube videos on iPhone [Ultimate Guide]

How to save YouTube videos on iPhone

OK. Look into my eyes and tell me if you don’t watch Youtube videos? Don’t lie! – Of course you do! Everybody does! Some people live on Youtube… not literally. I don’t blame them, since there is so much interesting and viral stuff there, and as much junk too. To watch online videos, all you need is a decent internet connection… But actually NOT! In this tutorial I will show you how to download YouTube videos on iPhone to watch them offline later. You will have three different methods to choose from. Let’s begin!

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