[SOLVED] How to reset iPhone?

This article may become a total frustration for some Apple fans… You are going to face a horrible truth about Apple devices! Every iPhone, iPad or MAC computer can possibly glitch, get stuck or freeze as well as other electronic devices. To get you prepared, I decided to write this post to show you how to reset iPhone or iPad when it started to “behave”.

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DFU mode on iPhone or iPad [with a HOME button]

DFU mode on iPhone

I often get bombarded by questions from desperate users who can’t get their iPhones working. The most common complaint is when iPhone doesn’t turn on or take a charge. There is an article where I take you step by step through possible solution of the issue. Whatever happened to your iPhone, I hope it wasn’t a liquid damage. Usually the problem is hidden in corrupted software/firmware and you can solve it by either hard resetting of your device or by recovering the firmware. If normal way of recovering your iPhone (through iTunes) failed, you still have a special «resurrection» mode, that not many people know of. In this article I will show you how to enter DFU mode on iPhone or iPad and then recover the device.

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