TOP 11 must have MAC apps for your new MacBook

If you just bought a new MacBook I doubt you’re satisfied with the amount of preinstalled programs and applications. Thus to make sure your new MacBook is ready for serious work I would suggest to “equip” it with some additional MAC applications. Don’t worry it doesn’t include any drivers installation or “hard to perform” settings. Today I’m going to share with you my own TOP 11 must have MAC apps to be installed on new MAC computers.

My own TOP 11 MAC apps for new MacBook

MplayerX free download

MPlayerX – whatever people say about OS X built-in viewer, there will be situations when you try watching a movie and don’t get either sound or picture (or both). This situation tipically occurs when a movie file was compressed using some specific codecs. Despite OS X has it’s own built-in viewer, it cannot cope with everything in this world. Thus I reccomend to install MPlayerX – video player which can play literally any format and has a bunch of preinstalled codecs on the board. It’s free on AppStore – DOWNLOAD

perian download

Perian – since we started talking about video stuff, here is another thing to have on your new MAC. It’s not an app but rather an extension for QuickTime Player. Perian is a set of additional video/audio codecs. Also must have! DOWNLOAD


Caffeine – it’s a small utility which doesn’t let your MacBook go to sleep mode or switch off. Comes very handy when you run MacBook on battery and have to leave it for a while, but don’t wish it to switch to sleep mode. You’ll be using it very often… Trust me! To activate (deactivate) Caffeine you just click a cup of coffee at status menu at the top of the screen. It’s also FREE – DOWNLOAD


Unarchiver – the name of this app gives you an idea what it’s for. If you’re an advanced user you’ll be using this app quite often. You can get it for FREE at MAC AppStore – DOWNLOAD


Transmission – Do you download torrents form time to time? Then this is number one best torrent client for MAC. DOWNLOAD

flash player

Adobe Flash Player – required for running flash on websites like YouTube. It’s well known that Apple doesn’t like Flash technology for it’s hanger to battery life and processor resources. Thus Flash is not preinstalled on any new MAC, and that means that you won’t be able to watch your favorite show on YouTube first minute you bought your MAC. When you start Safari and come across Flash powered websites for the first time you should be automatically prompted to install Adobe Flash Player. Just DO IT! YouTube worth it for sure! If you were not asked, follow this link – DOWNLOAD

tuxera download

Tuxera — if you still come across PC platforms, there is a big chance you’ll have to deal with NTFS formatted drives. You know that OS X can’t write on NTFS, but this is an easy fix. Just install the utility called Tuxera and forget about format incompatibility.
Official version (31$) — DOWNLOAD

iwork download

iWork (or Microsoft Office for MAC) – do you think you can cope without Office? I don’t, since I use Excel to note and track my expenses. I recon a lot of people use Office apps on a daily basis. You can download iWork for free HERE, or get MS Office HERE


Parallels Desktop – if you just switched from Windows to MAC you are probably suffering some incompatibility. In other words you still need Windows to do some tasks (run windows applications). No problem! Parallels Desktop is the most powerful, fastest and easiest solution to run Windows on MAC without rebooting. DOWNLOAD

Next two MAC apps can be suggested to users who are involved in some creative work.

Photoshop download

Photoshop – well known photo editor. If you have to edit (crop, color correct, add something to, create new) drawings and photos then Photoshop is a must have app for your new MAC.
Buy it here (from 9,99$/month)

Finalcut PRO X

Final Cut Pro X – Very powerful yet simple video editing app from Apple. You don’t have to learn a lot to start editing your movies. Everything is so intuitive and user friendly . This app is available for MAC users only and can be obtained from AppStore for 299,99$ – DOWNLOAD

So this is my own TOP 11 MAC apps which I would suggest to any new MAC user. If you use some incredible applications and want to share your experience, please do so in comments below. I can always update the list and include some more useful information in order to help MAC newbies and dummies.

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