[Solved] One of the AirPods Pro is not working

AirPods Pro doesn't work

If you always thought Apple gadgets never fail… you are quite wrong. Sure, Apple’s technologies can impress, but it’s still created by humans in China, not by aliens from Alpha Centauri… So? Like everything in this world, it may fail for no specific reason! In this article, I want to share a story of one failed AirPods Pro and how I managed to “fix it”.

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Understanding “iPhone is disabled – try again in 15 minutes” [Solved]

iPhone is disabled try again in 5 minutes

Serious? Did your iPhone get locked again? … Unbelievable!

You might start thinking that iPhone is the most problematic phone ever… We can say so, but only due to all sort of blockages that may occur on iPhone… Just see it yourself – iCloud Activation Lock, network provider lock, “Your Apple ID was disabled for security reasons…”, iPhone is disabled due to wrong passcode… And so on!

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Safari keeps opening random URL tabs – Malware on MAC [Solved]

I never thought I would come across such a problem on my MAC, but a few days ago I was shocked to see Safari started opening random URL tabs for no reason. This is just SUPER annoying… really… I can’t concentrate on whatever I do and can’t stop thinking about a “bug” in my computer!

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[Solved] Error -2002f while using macOS Internet Recovery

Error -2002f while using macOS Internet Recovery

All friends of mine know that I’m a tech-guy… That I love technology whatever it is – from phones to quadcopters, from hand tools to RGB video lights. That said, if there is something I can help with, sure my friends will bring it to me. This time I had to erase a MacBook, so the owner could sell it. I didn’t think too long before deciding to complete an Internet Recovery… and it returned Error -2002F, which I eventually solved. The details are below…

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[Solved] Terminal .command file could not be executed because you do not have appropriate access privileges

command file could not be executed

Recently I had to run a .command file which came with a cracked app (yes… sometimes I’m a begger), but instead of executing the file I received a message “The file .command could not be executed because you don’t have appropriate access privileges”. That was my first time dealing with such file type, so I got stuck … until I found the solution.

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How to make a screenshot on Apple Watch?

Whatever would be your reason, you have to know that making screenshots of Apple Watch screen is real and possible. I personally don’t do it so often, but still sometimes insert watch screenshots in posts on this website. Still wondering how to? Then follow a simple step-by-step guide below to get your Apple Watch screenshots.

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AirPods Connection Failed error [SOLVED]

Not long ago I bought a bluetooth transmitter/receiver (by “Ugreen”) that I wanted to use to connect AirPods with non-bluetooth devices. To be honest I’m still struggling connecting it, but during the trial I faced another problem. My AirPods failed to connect to iPhone for some reason. Eventually I solved the problem and here is how.

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How to import vcf contacts to iPhone? [Easy Guide]

VCF flies transfer copy

Not long ago my sister asked me to help to restore contacts on her new iPhone. In normal situation people would synchronize it through iCloud and then it’s not a problem, but in her case some “helper guy” managed to backup all her contacts into 1500 separate .vcf files. Insane! Why would you do this in the first place? Why not just use iCloud? Never mind… As you already know, in this tutorial I will show you how to import vcf contacts to iPhone.

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How to fix macOS language switching bug? [Real FIX]

Not long ago I started to experience an issue with input language switching in macOS. The problem comes when I try to switch the input language Russian-English-Russian. Despite pressing the right key combination multiple times, the input language doesn’t change. It may change after 3-4 trials though, but that’s not what I’m used to.

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“Face ID is Not Available” since I dropped an iPhone [Understanding]

Dropped iPhone Failed Face ID

For the last six months I’ve been planning to write an article regarding Face ID issues on iPhone, but never started… either because I didn’t have much experience, or being lazy to study the subject. Unfortunately, the experience was gained when I less expected it, as I faced the issue with Face ID on my own iPhone. After being clumsy for a moment, I started to see the following message “Unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone”. Damn situation! But let me tell you the full story.

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