“Face ID is Not Available” since I dropped an iPhone [Understanding]

Dropped iPhone Failed Face ID

For the last six months I’ve been planning to write an article regarding Face ID issues on iPhone, but never started… either because I didn’t have much experience, or being lazy to study the subject. Unfortunately, the experience was gained when I less expected it, as I faced the issue with Face ID on my own iPhone. After being clumsy for a moment, I started to see the following message “Unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone”. Damn situation! But let me tell you the full story.

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Why 4th Pin of Lightning connector turned black? [Understanding]

Lightning pin turned black

Yet another post inspired by “amazing” quality of Apple’s lightning (and not only) cables. In one of my previous articles I already mentioned some common issues of lightning cables, but recently I came across another one… So today we will try to understand why one of the Lightning connector’s pins turned black.

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How to check App Store purchase history? [Dummy Guide]

Despite seeming simplicity and intuitive interface, your iPhone can also be a pain in the ass. I bet any money that you don’t remember how to set your favorite tune as a ringtone? How about uploading movies to iPhone? NO? You’re not alone! When it comes to something more complicated than dragging icons through home screen, 90% of iPhone users would ask Google. In this article we’ll cover one of those topics. Below I’ll show you how to check App Store purchase history.

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Why is my AirPods case not charging? – SOLVED

Airpods case not charging

Here we go! Another problem! Somebody would say, the life is too boring without problems… What do you think? Somehow, Apple products can make our life a bit more “excited”… especially when something doesn’t work as it supposed to. In this post we will try to find a solution and understand why your AirPods case not charging.

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[SOLVED] How to reset iPhone?

This article may become a total frustration for some Apple fans… You are going to face a horrible truth about Apple devices! Every iPhone, iPad or MAC computer can possibly glitch, get stuck or freeze as well as other electronic devices. To get you prepared, I decided to write this post to show you how to reset iPhone or iPad when it started to “behave”.

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DFU mode on iPhone or iPad [with a HOME button]

DFU mode on iPhone

I often get bombarded by questions from desperate users who can’t get their iPhones working. The most common complaint is when iPhone doesn’t turn on or take a charge. There is an article where I take you step by step through possible solution of the issue. Whatever happened to your iPhone, I hope it wasn’t a liquid damage. Usually the problem is hidden in corrupted software/firmware and you can solve it by either hard resetting of your device or by recovering the firmware. If normal way of recovering your iPhone (through iTunes) failed, you still have a special «resurrection» mode, that not many people know of. In this article I will show you how to enter DFU mode on iPhone or iPad and then recover the device.

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How to trim a video on iPhone? [Tutorial]

The age of compact digital cameras is almost over. Do you remember when you’ve used one last time? I don’t… These days ordinary people solely use cameras of mobile phones, whether for making photos or shooting video. Moreover the quality of phone camera footage comes out fantastic!

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How to set your own ringtone on iPhone? [Idiot Guide]

You should agree with me if I say that iOS interface is pretty simple… Installing apps, setting the alarm and many other things we do on iPhone are coming naturally without problems. Despite deceiving simplicity, iPhone users may stuck at usual tasks like music transfer, contacts synchronization or even setting of a custom ringtone. It happened to me, it happen to you. It’s not possible to know everything… But you can always find a guide online. So in this guide I’m about to show you how to set your own ringtone on iPhone.

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How to download YouTube videos on iPhone [Ultimate Guide]

How to save YouTube videos on iPhone

OK. Look into my eyes and tell me if you don’t watch Youtube videos? Don’t lie! – Of course you do! Everybody does! Some people live on Youtube… not literally. I don’t blame them, since there is so much interesting and viral stuff there, and as much junk too. To watch online videos, all you need is a decent internet connection… But actually NOT! In this tutorial I will show you how to download YouTube videos on iPhone to watch them offline later. You will have three different methods to choose from. Let’s begin!

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How to delete Instagram account [Idiot Guide]

How to delete Instagram on iPhone

Five years ago not many people knew about Instagram, and even less were using it… Since that time a lot of things had changed. These days Instagram is installed on almost every smartphone. Some people use it to show up their big lips and tits, others are making big bucks by selling products and services. In both ways Instagram is brilliant… But I believe it may have also affected someones lives… in a bad way. So, whatever your reason is, in this article I will show you how to delete Instagram account or temporary block it.

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