[Solved] One of the AirPods Pro is not working

If you always thought Apple gadgets never fail… you are quite wrong. Sure, Apple’s technologies can impress, but it’s still created by humans in China, not by alien’s from Alpha Centauri… So? As everything in this world, it may fail for no specific reason! In this article I want to share a story of one failed AirPods Pro and how I managed to “fix it”.

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AirPods Connection Failed error [SOLVED]

Not long ago I bought a bluetooth transmitter/receiver (by “Ugreen”) that I wanted to use to connect AirPods with non-bluetooth devices. To be honest I’m still struggling connecting it, but during the trial I faced another problem. My AirPods failed to connect to iPhone for some reason. Eventually I solved the problem and here is how.

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Understanding Flash Drive for iPhone? [Ultimate Guide]

Flash Drive for iPhone

Ok boys and girls… This is the epic moment right now! Upon reading this article, your iPhone will get +1 Super Power, which will bring the comfort of working with media content to a completely new level. From now on transferring photos, movies, music, etc. between iPhone and computer will be amazingly easy, and you don’t need iTunes for that! No jokes! Today I want to introduce for you one magical thing – a Flash Drive for iPhone. What? You never heard about one? YES, it does exist, and my first impression was – “If it really works, it must be a leak of alien’s technology…”. And it actually works! Pure magic! I’m so excited… Let’s have a look at it closer…

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