Steps to take when one AirPod is not working – SOLVED

One AirPod not working

Not long ago I faced an issue with another Apple product. This time one AirPod failed completely. Why that happened, what I did to fix it and what steps YOU can take to troubleshoot when one AirPod is not working – all this you can find below in this post.

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Understanding – AirPods Connection Failed error [SOLVED]

Not long ago I bought a bluetooth transmitter/receiver (by “Ugreen”) that I intended to use as a medium device for connecting AirPods with in-flight entertaining system on Turkish Airlines planes. To be honest, I’m still struggling connecting it, but during the trial I faced another problem – “AirPods Connection Failed” message. My Apple earbuds failed to connect to iPhone for some reason. Eventually I solved the problem and here is how.

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Understanding Flash Drive for iPhone? [Ultimate Guide]

Flash Drive for iPhone

Ok boys and girls… This is the epic moment right now! Upon reading this article, your iPhone will get +1 Super Power, which will bring the comfort of working with media content to a completely new level. From now on transferring photos, movies, music, etc. between iPhone and computer will be amazingly easy, and you don’t need iTunes for that! No jokes! Today I want to introduce for you one magical thing – a Flash Drive for iPhone. What? You never heard about one? YES, it does exist, and my first impression was – “If it really works, it must be a leak of alien’s technology…”. And it actually works! Pure magic! I’m so excited… Let’s have a look at it closer…

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