How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer [Idiot Guide]

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer

Every iPhone owner is more or less obsessed with a photography on iPhone built-in camera. It’s so handy and quick and it’s always with you. I make shots on my iPhone every single day. At work – to keep important information I work with, at home – to imprint memories of our family life. Eventually all those pictures and videos start taking too much space on the iPhone, so it’s time to do something about it. In this article I’ll show you how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer. We’ll do it in six different ways, so you can pick one or two for future use.

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How to downgrade iOS on iPhone? [Idiot Guide]

Downgrade iOS

Hi… What did you say? You don’t like new iOS version?! … Why did you upgrade it so quick then? … I never upgrade in the first few weeks after a new release. I prefer to see feedback from other users first. In the past 4 years, there was not even ones when newly released iPhone’s firmware was not laggy or affected battery life. Every year Apple promise us something “extraordinary and magnificent” with new features and emoji of course. In real life we usually get laggy interface, shortened battery life, self closing apps and … new emoji (it’s coming as a bonus probably). Users (who upgraded) start posting numerous complaints all over internet, and Apple starts to issue minor updates with patches to all of the problems. I wouldn’t wait that long! If you are ready to sacrifice new emoji for longer battery life, here is a step by step Idiot Guide on how to downgrade iOS on iPhone.

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How to Download Music on iPhone for offline use? [Ultimate Guide]

How to Download Music on iPhone

After reading this article you’ll get a MUST HAVE fundamental knowledge, which you will be applying almost every time you want to copy files to iOS device. Today I will show you how to download music on iPhone in five different ways. Which one to choose and use is going to be up to your choice. We are not going to cover any streaming services like Apple Music etc., but instead will learn how to download music files to iPhone’s memory for offline use. This way you’ll be able to listen to you favorite tunes any time (no internet required). Some methods described below might seem weird (to more advanced users), but trust me, these methods give more flexibility and are very easy to understand and implement.

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Forgot Apple ID password or login? Here is how to reset it!

How to reset Apple ID password

When you created Apple ID you had to specify a password which should consist of lower and upper case letters and also numbers or symbols. This is a mandatory rule when you register new Apple ID. A lot of users are not used to have such complicated passwords, so when it comes to think one up they enter an “easy to forget” string, thinking they’ll remember it. Unfortunately they realize a mistake only when they forgot Apple ID password. To help such people I made a step-by-step guide which will take you through a process of resetting an Apple ID password.

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Why YouTube Videos Not Playing on iPhone? [Fix]

I have recently came across a problem when my wife’s iPhone stopped playing videos in YouTube app and Camera app. To watch YouTube videos we use PlayTube app which has a built-in cache option. It comes really handy when you need to download some cartoons from YouTube before traveling with a kid for a long distance.

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How to change Apple ID on iPhone [A-Z Guide]

Quite often I meet iPhone users, who don’t know Apple ID information which is entered in their iDevices. These are weird people… Don’t you think? They don’t realize they miss brilliant Apple services, thus whole idea of using an iPhone is perverted… If you are one of them, READ this article IN FULL! Today I will explain how to change Apple ID on iPhone for your own. At the end of the post you’ll get a BONUS (secret way of sharing paid apps between iOS devices).

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How to create Apple ID without credit card [A-Z Guide]

How to create Apple ID

I think most of you guys already know what “Apple ID” means? If not, please check inside of your pockets now. If you find an iPhone or iPad, you MUST READ this article IN FULL and do exactly how it’s explained in Step-by-Step guide below. Trust me, it’s not another «Blah-Blah-Blah…» article, and I’m serious about that. The information on this page is VERY IMPORTANT and VITAL in order to set up you iPhone ones and right. Today I will explain how to create Apple ID without entering credit card details.

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