Understanding “iPhone is disabled – try again in 15 minutes” – SOLVED

iPhone is disabled try again in 5 minutes

Serious? Did you get your iPhone locked again? … Unbelievable! And at the same time normal…

You might start thinking that iPhone is the most problematic phone ever… We can say so, due to all sort of blockages that may occur – iCloud Activation Lock, network provider lock, “Your Apple ID was disabled for security reasons…”, iPhone is disabled due to wrong passcode… And so on!

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“Face ID is Not Available” since I dropped an iPhone [Understanding]

Dropped iPhone Failed Face ID

For the last six months I’ve been planning to write an article regarding Face ID issues on iPhone, but never started… either because I didn’t have much experience, or being lazy to study the subject. Unfortunately, the experience was gained when I less expected it, as I faced the issue with Face ID on my own iPhone. After being clumsy for a moment, I started to see the following message “Unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone”. Damn situation! But let me tell you the full story.

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Why 4th Pin of Lightning connector turned black? [Understanding]

Lightning pin turned black

Yet another post inspired by “amazing” quality of Apple’s lightning (and not only) cables. In one of my previous articles I already mentioned some common issues of lightning cables, but recently I came across another one… So today we will try to understand why one of the Lightning connector’s pins turned black.

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[SOLVED] How to reset iPhone?

This article may become a total frustration for some Apple fans… You are going to face a horrible truth about Apple devices! Every iPhone, iPad or MAC computer can possibly glitch, get stuck or freeze as well as other electronic devices. To get you prepared, I decided to write this post to show you how to reset iPhone or iPad when it started to “behave”.

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How to download YouTube videos on iPhone [Ultimate Guide]

How to save YouTube videos on iPhone

OK. Look into my eyes and tell me if you don’t watch Youtube videos? Don’t lie! – Of course you do! Everybody does! Some people live on Youtube… not literally. I don’t blame them, since there is so much interesting and viral stuff there, and as much junk too. To watch online videos, all you need is a decent internet connection… But actually NOT! In this tutorial I will show you how to download YouTube videos on iPhone to watch them offline later. You will have three different methods to choose from. Let’s begin!

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How to watch movies on iPhone – FREE methods [Ultimate Guide]

How to watch movies on iPhone

In 2012 I had been on one month business trip to Edmonton (Canada) where I had a basic Instrumentation course. My career had been at the starting point so I was learning valves, controllers, pumps etc. by actually working at the assembly line at CVS Controls. From 8:00 to 16:30 – 5 days a week. At the end of my working day I wondered around local groceries shops, then headed home to cook dinner.

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How to reset iPhone to factory settings? [Ultimate Guide]

Ok. New iPhone models are out! Who’s gonna swap? I’m staying with my iPhone 6S for now… It still does a good job for me. But if you decided to sell or give away your iPhone, it’s VERY important to delete all information and linked Apple accounts. It’s not because I want so, it’s because you’ll eliminate potential problems for the new owner this way. Even if you give it to your wife or kids, you must reset iPhone to factory settings! And I’m more than serious when I say this… In this article I’ll take you step by step so you can completely wipe your iPhone.

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How to Unlock iPhone? [Ultimate Guide]

How to unlock iPhone


Hi there! I presume, you found this page since your iPhone is LOCKED… OK, it’s good that you found me, since I’m honestly willing to help. There are so many articles out there which either confuse people or try to promote some dodgy unlocking services. Beware, BTW!!! I’m not gonna do that… Instead we’ll try to resolve your problem and see what options you have to unlock your iPhone.

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Understanding “Syncing iPhone with this iTunes library will replace media…” [FIX]

Syncing iPhone with this iTunes

In one of the previous articles I gave you five different working methods of downloading music to iPhone. In that article I didn’t mentioned any possible problems which may occur while adding music to iPhone via iTunes. Today we’ll cover the reason why you might get a message “Syncing iPhone with this iTunes library will replace media from another iTunes library on Computer. An iPhone can only sync with one iTunes library at a time.” and what all that means. At the end I will provide 2 alternative ways of adding music to iPhone so the message above doesn’t bother you any more.

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My iPhone won’t turn on! What should I do? [Quick Fix]

My iPhone won't turn on - WTF?

Let’s be realistic… iPhone and iPad haven’t fallen from the skies… but indeed were created at «Job’s garage». It means Apple products are not ideal as they might look. All Apple products may glitch or crash as the rest of gadgets. If you got to the point when your iPhone won’t turn ON, read this article to the very end. Let’s figure out all possible causes and find the right solution. Don’t panic, relax and keep reading… We are going to fix it together!

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