Safari keeps opening random URL tabs – Malware on MAC [Solved]

I never thought I would come across such a problem on my MAC, but a few days ago I was shocked to see Safari started opening random URL tabs for no reason. This is just SUPER annoying… really… I can’t concentrate on whatever I do and can’t stop thinking about a “bug” in my computer!

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SOLVED: Error -2002f while using macOS Internet Recovery

Error -2002f while using macOS Internet Recovery

All friends of mine know that I’m a tech-guy… That I love technology whatever it is – from phones to quad-copters, from hand tools to RGB video lights. That said, if there is something I can help with, sure my friends will bring it to me. This time I had to erase a MacBook, so the owner could sell it. I didn’t think too long before deciding to complete an Internet Recovery… and it returned Error -2002F, which I eventually solved. The details are below…

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How to fix macOS language switching bug? [Real FIX]

Not long ago I started to experience an issue with input language switching in macOS. The problem comes when I try to switch the input language Russian-English-Russian. Despite pressing the right key combination multiple times, the input language doesn’t change. It may change after 3-4 trials though, but that’s not what I’m used to.

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