How to adjust iPhone Alarm Volume [Mini Guide]

Have you ever jumped on the bed straight after hearing a wake alarm… which was set by you last night actually? I experience that unpleasant feeling quite often, and usually when my wife is supposed to wake up for work. For unknown reason she sets the alarm volume for maximum and chooses unpleasant for my ears ringtone. In order NOT to start my mornings with a shocking therapy, I had to show my lovely wife how to adjust iPhone alarm volume the night before she goes to work. If you still don’t know how to… I’m gonna share it with you too. Below!

In fact, there is no dedicated alarm volume adjustment in iPhone Settings. That’s probably why you’re reading these words now. It’s actually achieved by adjusting a main Ringer volume of iPhone. If it’s not yet clear for you, let me show how I set the alarm and it’s volume.

STEP 1 Open a Clock app and set desired Alarms parameters
How to adjust alarm volume iPhone

STEP 2 Using volume buttons on the side of the iPhone, adjust main Ringer volume, which would affect not only the level of ringtone (when somebody phones you), but also iPhone alarm volume.
Increase iPhone Alarm volume

Running this website is my hobby, so I do this at my spare time. But I also have a full time job… I work at oilfield company as an instrument technician (we make sure all of the equipment works). Sometimes I have to get up at 4:20AM in order to catch an early bus, which gets me to work. I don’t want to sleep through, so I have two alarms set for the morning: first one at 4:10AM, second – at 4:20AM. First alarm is supposed to wake me up, but it’s not necessarily works every time since I might just ignore and switch it off. The second alarm usually get’s me in vertical position… Even if I’m half asleep. My preferences for both alarms are: middle alarm volume + “Timba” as a ringtone. This combination doesn’t shock my sleeping body, so I can enjoy one more dream while sleeping on the bus.

iPhone alarm volume adjustment

Since we started to talk about iPhone alarms, let me note some shortcuts you can use:

  • pressing HOME button during ringing alarm will stop the alarm without Snooze (no repeat)
  • pressing POWER button during ringing alarm will stop it, but in 9 minutes it will repeat again (Snooze)
  • mentioned above functions can be chosen from the iPhone screen
  • If silent/mute trigger is activated, you will still hear the alarm signal

I hope my short guide was helpful for you. Now you have the idea how to increase or decrease volume of iPhone alarm. Whenever you have additional questions, please share them in comments below. Don’t forget to support our site by sharing this post in social networks. We would really appreciate any help.

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