How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone – Myths, Truth and Reality

Hello guys! In this article I’m going to reveal very important information which you may not like about your Apple devices. We are going to talk about iCloud Activation Lock Bypass. Is it really possible? I also explain what options you have when your iPhone is already locked. What can you do if stranger’s Apple ID is entered in Settings of your device? Your case may be different in some way, but the common question which bothers many iPhone users is «How to bypass iCloud Activation lock and what to do if iPhone has to be activated with Apple ID I don’t know?». I’m not making it up… The information below reflects 100% of reality, so I’m gonna share it with you now.

As you may already know, starting from iOS 7 Apple introduced iCloud Activation Lock feature, which is automatically activated when you turn on «Find my iPhone» on the device. The new feature was created with the idea to restrict unauthorized person from getting to your personal information and use of your device if it was lost or stolen. With Activation Lock enabled, you’ll have to enter Apple ID details every time you want to turn off «Find my iPhone», erase the device or sign off from iCloud.

During last month quite few people contacted me asking for help to unlock their iPhones. In each of these cases the device got locked due to certain reasons… Different reasons… To better understand each cause and find a possible solution, I mentioned most common of them below.

My Apple ID account was hacked

Probably this one is not exactly about iCloud activation Lock, but it’s still somehow related to it.

It’s not a big secret that hackers constantly aim to hack iCloud accounts to «get access» to linked devices. Hackers use so called Brute Force attacks to guess the password of actual Apple ID account or connected e-mail address. Ones your account is accessed, hackers change the password for your Apple ID, activate Lost Mode on all of your devices and send messages to every lock screen where they clearly state that you have to pay in order to get your iPhone/iPad unlocked.

You also have to watch-out for any suspicious e-mail letter, saying that changes were applied to your Apple account. It might be a fishing letter as well as a genuine message from Apple, which could indicate that someone already accessed your iCloud.

What should you do if your Apple ID account was hacked? First of all, I don’t recommend to pay any money to people who already put you in trouble. Fuck’em! Second, try to restore access to your e-mail account and change password for your own. Follow a «Forgot password» link, which can be found on every e-mail provider website. It’s very possible that password reset link will be sent to one of your alternative e-mails. Ones again, if you manage to log in to your e-mail account, make sure the password is strong enough.

Third. Try to reset Apple ID password and restore access to your Apple ID account. Don’t know how? Here is a step-by-step guide for it. If you cannot restore the ownership of your Apple account, you’ll have to contact Apple support team for assistance in solving the problem. According to feedback from other readers, whose accounts were also hacked, it’s actually Apple support engineers who does really help to unlock their devices and return Apple ID accounts to their owners.

If you still believe that person who hacked your Apple ID will be kind enough to present an unlock code, you’re totally wrong! After you pay the money, the correspondence is going to end just there. You’ll be ignored and never get a message from them again. Trust me! Follow my advice and get in touch with Apple support. There are really nice guys working there… Always polite and willing to help.

My iPhone is still set with previous owner’s Apple ID

Quite often I «meet» people who don’t use iCloud features in their iPhones. Not really clever, isn’t it? For some reason they still have previous owner’s Apple ID entered in Settings > iCloud. Usually that happens when somebody else «helped» to do an initial set up of the iPhone. It’s good if you know the password for that Apple ID, because in many cases people just don’t… and they don’t really care, which is even worse.

If you don’t realize what may happen to your device, here is a short list of possible situations which may occur when you use somebody else’s Apple ID account:

  • Your iPhone can be blocked by other person at any time
  • All personal information (pictures, messages, contacts, notes, calendars, etc.) can be accessed by other person
  • Somebody else may track the location of your device (track your location)
  • Your iPhone may be erased remotely by the same person

How to change Apple ID in iPhone Setting (iCloud) for my own? The bitter truth is that YOU MUST HAVE THE PASSWORD of the Apple ID account which is currently linked to your device. Without password you won’t be able to Sign off from iCloud or switch off «Find my iPhone». Here I can suggest only one thing – START LOOKING FOR PREVIOUS OWNER or that guy who initially helped you to set the iPhone. I’m afraid, even Apple support team won’t be able to help since the whole idea of iCloud Activation Lock lies in one simple rule – if you don’t have Apple ID password and ability to restore it, there is big doubt the device really belongs to you.

I bought an iPhone which is stuck at Activation screen

How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Imagine a situation, you walk on the street and find an iPhone (or somebody sells it to you). The device is in mint condition but it wouldn’t let you pass the Activation Lock screen. First thought of many users would be «How to bypass Activation Lock and unlock the iPhone»… I’ll have to disappoint you – there are not too many options in such case. If you bought an iPhone which is stuck at activation screen, there is a big chance it’s going to stay in this condition for the rest of it’s life. In other words it’s BRICKED. Despite that, you still have three options:

Option 1 If the iPhone doesn’t really belong to you (you found it), the most correct action is to return it to a true owner. It might be hard to find one though… but is some cases you might see his/her e-mail address or phone number at Activate iPhone screen.

Return the iPhone to owner

Option 2 If Option 1 is not an option for you, the locked iPhone is still good enough as a donor of spare parts. You can sell it to people who are in phone repair business… it’s not gonna be huge money though.

Option 3 This option will work only on devices with iOS 9 and lower. I’ve come across few websites and Facebook pages where some guys offer a working procedure to bypass iCloud Activation Lock. It may sound promising, but doesn’t really unlock your iPhone. All those methods involve entering a specific DNS server adress in Wi-Fi settings at Activation screen, which lets you access some features of iPhone (music player, camera, safari, etc). All these functions work through an internet server, so if your iPhone is not connected to Wi-Fi – it’s still bricked. You can obviously try it… It’s totally free… Just remember that it’s not going to unlock your device, but give a temporary access to some features (not phone or messaging though). To find the procedure search YouTube for «Activation Lock».

After updating iOS, the iPhone is asking for activation

This one is a very common situation to happen… especially if iPhone was used by somebody else before getting to your hands. If you cannot activate the iPhone with your Apple ID account, it means it still linked to Apple ID of previous owner. Unfortunately to activate such iPhone or iPad you must sign in with the Apple ID that was used to set up this iPhone. Sad, isn’t it? As you already guessed, YOU HAVE TO FIND A PREVIOUS OWNER of the device. A step-by-step guide on how to unlink (remove) the iPhone from Apple ID is here.

iCloud Activation Lock bypass for iOS 10

Ones a year some clever researchers find a tricky way to fool the iOS and bypass the Activation Lock screen. This year with latest iOS 10 was not an exception. That trick is usually picked by many websites and presented like a big deal, which is actually NOT. You do get around Activation screen, but then iPhone stuck at springboard… Completely useless and not letting you access to any function at all. Watch the video by EverythingApplePro where Philip describes is all below.

On-line iPhone Unlocking services… Is it scam?!

Yes! It is scam! All online services which offer iCloud Activation Lock removal is FRAUD. Let’s have a look at one of them – These guys are «may be» (as they say) located in United Kingdom and they obviously have a fancy website… At first sight it looks like a real deal, but let’s have a look closer… Right below the logo they have a line saying «Especially catering for customers based in Germany!…» What? CATERING? Did you mean CARING? Even a guy from Ukraine like me can spot a typo (if it really is).

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

More than that, the main evidence of scammers is that you won’t find either a contact phone number or business address of “business owners”. There is just an e-mail… Not really professional!

Third, but probably not last, is the feedback from happy customers on their website. Are you serious guys?! I just typed « feedback» in Google and found so many negative reviews at one of forum thread. Almost everyone who dealt with them called it fraud.

iPhone Unlock Fraud

I just found one more “online unlocking service” – which is also fraud!

NEVER TRUST ANYONE ON THE INTERNET WHO PROMISE TO REMOVE ICLOUD ACTIVATION LOCK. Read that again! You’ll be robbed and then ignored by them. Usual business they do looks like this: Promise – Get the money – «Drag the tail» – Send an excuse – Ignore you. When they reply for the last time with excuse, it «turns out» that your iPhone either blacklisted or the unlock code is missing in iTunes database. Sorry, what database you’re talking about???


ICLOUD ACTIVATION LOCK BYPASS THAT WORK DOESN’T EXIST! The lock status information of every iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is stored on Apple servers, thus until you know correct Apple ID details, it’s not possible to change or delete it. No working tool that would allow to bypass iCloud Activation Lock has been invented up to this point in time.

You can kick me in the ass, but I personally recon this is how it should be.

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