My iPhone won’t charge! What should I do? [Fix]

Nothing is more frustrating when your gadget is not working as it should, but you don’t know what to do. Today we are going to discuss one more problem which may occur with your iPhone. What should you do and not to do when iPhone won’t charge? In this article I tried to mention all possible causes and solutions of the problem, so keep on reading to the very end. We are about to make your iPhone charging.

As you may imaging there are more than one reason that can stop your iPhone from charging. I tried to cover most (all) of them below, so follow the chapters below and implement solutions one by one as you read. I’m sure one of them will solve the problem and you’ll be able to charge the iPhone.

Cause 1: Software glitch

It may sound strange, but in most cases, when iPhone won’t charge, the problem is hidden in software part, not the hardware. In fact there is a charger controller (chip on logic board) that is responsible for charging iPhone’s battery, but even this chip is controlled by a software of your iPhone. Thus when you connect a charger cable to your phone, electrical power is not supplied directly to the battery. The power gets first to a logic board which in tandem with iPhone’s software take a decision whether to charge the battery and how fast.

Taking into account what I just said, the software plays a major role in iPhone charging. Of course if the software would crash or glitch, the iPhone would not start charging at all.

iPhone software glitch – is our first cause of not charging iPhone. To fix the problem just do a hard reset of the iPhone. To do a hard reset press and hold HOME + POWER buttons for at least 20 seconds (sometimes it’s required to hold buttons even longer). Be patient and hold both buttons until iPhone reboots.

Cause 2: Lightning port is dirty

I bet most of you carry your phones in jeans pockets… I do! And I can tell you that sometimes my pockets remind me of a hoover bag… at least when I clean whatever had trapped inside. Usually I get quite a bit of pressed lint, hair and dust particles out. I swear I’ve no idea how it gets there! More than that, all this shit is trying to get inside of my iPhone. Which is not right…!

This is our second possible cause of a problem when iPhone is not charging. You probably don’t realize how much lint and other debris can get into the lightning port. When it all gets pressed up inside of the tiny hole, the lightning connector just can’t properly sit inside any more thus loosing electrical connection.

Don’t believe me? Just do a simple trick… Take a wooden toothbrush and gently clean out all debris that stuck inside of the lightning port of your device. You’ll be amazed on how much lint can fit inside. After all debris are removed blow out the rest of dust particles from the charging port.

If your iPhone had been in a discharged state for a long period of time, it’s probably required to leave it connected to a charger for a longer period of time (at least 15 minutes) before the iPhone screen will get alive.

Cause 3: Faulty charger or USB cable

Ok… No need to say that Apple accessories are quite expensive. This fact makes a lot of users buying Chinese “cheap shit” cables and chargers which costs a lot less… Well… Everybody’s trying to save some money, and I don’t blame you. I don’t have anything against non-original lightning cables… as long as it has some quality built-in. I only wanna warn you against fake iPhone chargers. From my own experience (and many other users) I can assure you that cheap Chinese chargers for iPhone usually being a big danger to your phone and your own health. Not only the output parameters are wrong and don’t usually match the label but Chinese chargers can get very hot and literally melt down while charging your iPhone.

All we can do right now is to try to find the weakest link by eliminating things in a charging loop. To be sure your charger is working, try it with other iPhone. Alternatively borrow a working charger (of your friend) and try to use it with your iPhone.

At the same time when trying another charger it’s worth to try another lightning cable. Apple doesn’t make their cables too robust since they would rather sell you another one for 19$… Nothing personal… It’s all about money! I had an original lightning cable that would charge my iPhone up to 65% and then the battery percentage counter would stop raising. Replacing the cable solved the problem.

“This cable or accessory is not certified…”

I’m sure some of you have already seen the following message “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone” which pops up when you try charging your iPhone. There are few possible reasons that may cause it and we’ll cover it in more details in a separate article. As for now try to unplug the lightning cable and plug it back again to iPhone. In case you’re trying to use a cable that wasn’t manufactured by Apple (third party company), make sure it’s MFI (made for iPhone) certified. Otherwise the cable can be rejected and your iPhone won’t charge… Yes! Starting from iOS 7 your iPhone can recognise non-original lightning cables. As you have already guessed, the solution for most people is to get a new cable.

Cause 5: iPhone components failed

The last possible cause is a failed component of the iPhone… Which one? That is the question! There are at least three components that fail more often than others… These are lightning port, charger controller and battery. It might not be that easy for a usual user to figure out which one of these three is giving you troubles. You’d better ask a specialist in a repair center.

In most cases it will be a charging controller (U2 chip located on the board). Usual symptoms are:
– no detection of charger cable
– slow charging
– extremely fast battery drain
– heat of the U2 chip

If you have an iPhone battery replaced, make sure you witness the charging percents counter is climbing up while your phone is connected to a charger. Do this before you take your repaired device home. It’s possible that new battery might be faulty from the beginning.

I really hope I helped you today. In any case, please share your experience in comments below. Tell us if you managed to charge the iPhone and which method was most helpful. If your iPhone still won’t charge, please do write to me and I’ll try to find another solution for you. I’m always here ready to help anyone who struggles with iPhone or MAC. Don’t loose my contacts! Subscribe to updates via e-mail.
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