[SOLVED] AirPods case doesn’t charge – What should I do?

Here we go! Another problem! Somebody would say, the life is too boring without problems… What do you think? In any way, Apple products may keep our lives excited… especially when something doesn’t work as it supposed to.

Today I want to share with you my personal experience on the subject mentioned in title. In this article I compiled all possible steps which may really fix AirPods case when it doesn’t charge. There are not that many action steps (just three) you can take to solve the problem… And we’ll cover each of them in details below.

I came across that problem when I was on the bus to the airport. There was a USB socket on the wall above my seat so I decided to charge the AirPods to be sure they have enough juice through all the way to Thailand. I plugged the cable and forgot about it for at least 40 minutes (I live quite far from the airport).

Imagine my frustration when I found almost completely discharged AirPods case and not even fully charged earphones. What’s going on? That’s something I didn’t come across yet…

AirPods case doesn't charge

Numerous trials to get AirPods charged on the bus failed. I did even try to charge it at airport using wall charger. Nothing!
Eventually I found the solution… as well as few more possible steps which you can try if your AirPods case doesn’t charge too.

Use another cable to charge AirPods

Sounds really stupid, but that was exactly my situation. The cable I used was 100% original with no signs of damage – BUT NOT WORKING. Where the hell I got it from?

To be hones this is not a big surprise to me. It’s well known that Apple cables are very fragile. Looks like it has a limited life span with self-destroy function.

Best Lightning cableI do really suggest to everyone to buy MFI Lightning cables from UGREEN (AliExpress link). The top quality, official chip and much more affordable price makes it a perfect substitution for the broken Apple cables. Chinese companies have already learned that the quality is more important than quantity.

Reset AirPods to factory settings

As you probably know, AirPods is a bit more than just a speakerphone with a battery. There are W1 chip, charger controller, and other guts inside. Obviously all that setup works under the software, which may glitch or even freeze from time to time.
It’s not going to do any harm if you try to reset AirPods to factory settings. To do that just follow these steps:

1 Insert earphones into charging case

2 Find a round SETUP button on the back side of the case
How to setup AirPods

3 Open AirPods case

4 Press and hold SETUP button for at least 15 seconds. You should see the LED indicator to blink three times orange, then constantly lit with white color.
Reset AirPods to factory settings

That’s all… Your AirPods have been reset to factory settings. Now you have to pair them to your devices ones again. To do that just open the lid of AirPods case close to your device. Then follow guide on the screen.

Charging AirPods case via computer USB port

This step may seem as “not logical” and, for sure, not many of you would even try this. But it may work! Especially when the battery of AirPods is deeply discharged. I don’t know how to explain this, but charging AirPods case from a computer USB port may do the trick. Just try different USB ports if it didn’t work with the first one… And also leave the case charging for some time before proceed further.

As I said, this solution is effective when your device is deeply discharged. I managed to resurrect a Samsung smart watch of my colleague this way, and I believe this solution is applicable to any other electronic device.

At last I want to say that AirPods is a very robust product. Many YouTube bloggers had tested it for various “day-to-day life destruction methods”… and in most scenarios they survived. Said this, most probably the AirPods case doesn’t charge due to external reason (charger, cable, etc). So I would start troubleshooting from there…

If you also experienced problems with AirPods charging, let us know in comments, which of mentioned methods worked for you… Or may be you figured out some other magic method. Share with us then!

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