Apple confirmation e-mail messages are not delivered to me! – Here is the reason why!

Everybody knows that any changes your do to Apple ID account, should be confirmed via your e-mail address. Quite often Apple confirmation e-mail messages are not getting delivered to the recipient’s, thus making it impossible to implement any changes. Why is that happening? What shall you do in this case? Today I will answer for all your questions and we’ll figure out where Apple’s messages are getting lost and what is the most possible explanation of this.

If you still don’t get a confirmation letter form Apple, try to do the following…

Look for a message from Apple!

Apple usually signs all messages with it’s own name, which means you can try looking for confirmation message by typing word «Apple» in search box at your e-mail account. Do the search in all possible folders: Inbox, Spam, Junk, Archive and even Trash.

!!!ATTENTION – POSSIBLE COMMON MISTAKE!!! For the last two weeks quite few people reported exactly the same problem. All these people couldn’t finish registering Apple ID due to same dumb reason – the confirmation e-mail message from Apple wouldn’t get delivered. After short investigation I figured out that ALL THESE PEOPLE HAD ENTERED NON EXISTING E-MAIL ADDRESS while filling Apple ID registration form. All of them confused the process of getting an Apple ID account with a process of registering of e-mail address. Apple ID is not an e-mail, it’s an account in Apple’s world. Please make sure you ENTER EXISTING E-MAIL ADDRESS WHEN REGISTERING APPLE ID, OTHERWISE A CONFIRMATION E-MAIL MESSAGE FROM APPLE WILL BE SENT TO NOWHERE. Is it so hard to understand?!

Are you sure about e-mail address?

If you search at wrong place you will not find anything. If you just registered a new Apple ID account – the confirmation letter should come to the e-mail address you’ve specified in registration form. It’s kinda clear to everyone, isn’t it? If you requested to reset Apple ID password or security questions, the confirmation letter may be delivered to a recovery e-mail address. Did you specify one during registration? If you don’t remember recovery e-mail, start checking all of your e-mail accounts. Hopefully you’ll find something in one of them.
Apple confirmation e-mail

Quite few readers ask the following question “What to do if I registered new Apple ID account, but made a typo at e-mail address name? How can I get a confirmation letter?”. There is no solution to fix this f*ck up! In this situation the less stressful and less confusing way is to create another new Apple ID account. Be careful and double check what you enter into text fields this time.

Request a confirmation message again

Sometimes Apple servers can get heavy loaded, sometimes they can even crush and stop working. As a result you can find some Apple services being temporary unavailable. So I believe Apple messaging system is not an exception and can glitch sometimes. If you don’t get a requested e-mail, try to request it again… later… tomorrow.

To resend a confirmation letter to your e-mail, go through password or security questions reset procedure ones again.
Don't receive e-mail from Apple

If you’re still trying to confirm your new Apple ID e-mail address, go to My Apple ID and enter your login credentials. Click on “Resend” link next to unconfirmed e-mail address. Now go to mail account and check for messages from Apple.

A story of one «clever» girl

Not long ago I’ve been contacted by a girl Katy who needed help with her new Apple ID. She filled all pages of registration form, but never received a letter from Apple. Every time she tried to download some app from the store she would get a message «You have not verified your Apple ID». I asked Katy to provide me with her Apple ID details so I can try and see what is the possible problem. Not a surprise, I got the same message when I tried to use her Apple ID at App Store. It was obvious she didn’t confirm her e-mail address.

When I asked about her e-mail address, her reply made it all clear for me. Katy entered non-existing e-mail address as a main one for Apple ID, at the same time she tried to find Apple confirmation letter at the rescue e-mail box. I’ve been always saying that girls and technology stuff are two not compatible things. Sorry! … Ok-Ok! I can forgive it a young lady!

Anyhow, if you’re still struggling I would suggest the following – register a new e-mail account at, then create a new Apple ID following step-by-step instructions I posted here.

If you’ve had enough of pain in the ass, I can help you to register new Apple ID (for any country). All I ask about is just few bucks donation… just to keep me motivated to run this website.

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