Why «NONE» option is NOT available at Apple ID payment methods [Fix]

Hi! This article is dedicated to people who still can’t find a NONE option at Apple ID payment method page. I hope you’ve read this Step-by-Step guide where I clearly described how to create Apple ID without credit card. If you still struggle at payment methods page, you are at the right place. Today we will discuss the most possible reasons of mysterious disappearing of NONE option.

As I mentioned above there is an article where I described how to create Apple ID without entering card details. Unfortunately not everyone is plodding enough to read the article in full. That’s why these people cannot do it right even when they follow a clear manual. I often see comments like «I can’t find none option in payment methods… Looks like Apple had changed something, so everyone is supposed to enter bank details». It is not like that! Trust me! Today I will prove it by creating one more Apple ID, so you can see everything by yourself.

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First things first… Let’s figure out possible causes of the problem.

Possible cause №0: I’ve already tried and can tell you that difference in iTunes versions is NOT affecting the NONE payment option appearance during Apple ID registration in any way.

Possible cause №1: You’ve started creating Apple ID by not downloading a FREE App. This is the most common reasons I came across. If you would read the step-by-step guide more carefully (follow link above), you would probably see that in the first step I asked you to open iTunes, go to App Store, then pick any FREE app to download.

Possible cause №2: You’ve changed the country of residence in Apple ID settings. When you do so, Apple requires a proof of your relocation… in this case Apple will ask for credit card details of a local bank. Thus if you really want to have an Apple ID of different country without credit card, you’d better create a new one.

Possible cause №3: Based on experience of many users I spot one interesting thing. People from some “less lucky” countries are not eligible to create Apple ID without card. Thus NONE option is missing at Payment Methods page by default.

To prove that NONE option is still available to rest of people, let’s create one more Apple ID together!

Step 1 Launch iTunes and go to App Store. I prefer using my MacBook to create new Apple ID accounts. If you see the existing Apple ID in the right top corner of iTunes window, you should Log Out.

Step 2 Choose any FREE APPLICATION… !!! ATTENTION !!! I said free application! Then press Get button located below app icon. Click on Create Apple ID button at popped up window.

Apple ID none option missing

Step 3 Fill in all required fields of registration form and proceed to Payment Method page. Do you see NONE in Payment Type row? I can! It would only be available if you initially started downloading a free application. It doesn’t work another way around.

Create Apple ID without card

Step 4 Finish the registration process and confirm your e-mail by clicking the link in the last Apple e-mail message. The last step is to enter your Apple ID in settings of your iPhone.

Have you found “none” option this time? No? You must be kidding… If that’s your case, please share your experience in comments below. I can help you to register new Apple ID account without card details… You just need to ask here. Don’t forget to specify an e-mail address (should be existing working e-mail) and desirable password. After I create new Apple ID you’ll get all details to your e-mail address.

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