Understanding – AirPods Connection Failed error [SOLVED]

Not long ago I bought a bluetooth transmitter/receiver (by “Ugreen”) that I intended to use as a medium device for connecting AirPods with in-flight entertaining system on Turkish Airlines planes. To be honest, I’m still struggling connecting it, but during the trial I faced another problem – “AirPods Connection Failed” message. My Apple earbuds failed to connect to iPhone for some reason. Eventually I solved the problem and here is how.

Actually, during pairing AirPods with iPhone I saw the message “Connection Failed. Try Again”.

AirPods Connection Failed message

When it comes to AirPods troubleshooting, you don’t have much choices. The only thing you can do is to reset your earbuds to factory settings.

To do that follow the steps below.

  • STEP 1 Put both earbuds back to charging case and close the lid
  • STEP 2 Open the case lid and locate a Setup button on the back side of AirPods case.
  • STEP 3 Push and HOLD the Setup button for at least 15 seconds. The Status Light starts to blink with white color. When blinking light will change to amber color, release the Setup button.


Now your earbuds are reset to factory settings. Bring it near your iPhone, then close/open the lid to activate the pairing dialog box.

Failed to pair AirPods with iPhone

This method worked well for me.

So if your AirPods connection failed, you know what to do.

Leave a comment below to let me know if it helped. I’m working on an article, where I will explain how to use AirPods with in-flight entertainment system that you can find on most airlines these days. Don’t miss it! Subscribe!

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