DFU mode on iPhone or iPad [with a HOME button]

I often get bombarded by questions from desperate users who can’t get their iPhones working. The most common complaint is when iPhone doesn’t turn on or take a charge. There is an article where I take you step by step through possible solution of the issue. Whatever happened to your iPhone, I hope it wasn’t a liquid damage. Usually the problem is hidden in corrupted software/firmware and you can solve it by either hard resetting of your device or by recovering the firmware. If normal way of recovering your iPhone (through iTunes) failed, you still have a special «resurrection» mode, that not many people know of. In this article I will show you how to enter DFU mode on iPhone or iPad and then recover the device.

What is a DFU mode?

DFU (Device Firmware Update) is a special recovery mode which allows to restore firmware of the device from any state. DFU program is stored in hardware of the device, thus it cannot be removed from it. You should try this mode when normal way of firmware restore didn’t work.

The DFU mode is required when you experience one of the following:

ATTENTION: DFU mode recovery process will erase all data which is stored on your device

How to enter DFU mode and recover the firmware?

Before you start, I strongly recommend to get familiar with all steps first. This way you’ll get an idea of what’s going to happen. To enter DFU mode on iOS device do the following:

Step 1 If your device is completely discharged, you’ll have to charge it for at least 10 minutes. After that connect the device to a computer using USB cable. Run iTunes on the computer.

Step 2 Simultaneously press and hold Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds, then release just a Power button.

Button combination to enter DFU on iPhone

Step 3 Keep holding Home button until «iPhone Recovery Mode» message pops in iTunes. It may take from 15 to 30 seconds for message to appear on the computer screen, so don’t panic to early.

You may also see a message “iTunes must check the iPhone software update server to identify this device“, just let it do this and press Check button.

How to enter DFU mode

PLEASE NOTE: When DFU mode is successfully enabled, the screen of the device should stay CLEAR BLACK (there shouldn’t be any image on it).

If some sort of image appeared on iPhone screen or iTunes didn’t notify you that iPhone is in Recovery Mode, it means you didn’t successfully enter DFU mode. Start all over again… and use a stopwatch if you cannot count 10 seconds.

DFU mode on iPhone

Ok… Let’s presume you already put your device in DFU mode. The obvious thing to do now would be restoring a firmware. To do that you’ll have to press a button Restore iPhone… in iTunes (see the picture above).

How to Exit DFU mode on iPhone?

To exit the DFU mode on your iPhone you’ll have to disconnect the device from the computer and do a hard reset by pressing Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds. Eventually the phone will restart as usual.

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