Forgot Apple ID password or login? Here is how to reset it!

When you created Apple ID you had to specify a password which should consist of lower and upper case letters and also numbers or symbols. This is a mandatory rule when you register new Apple ID. A lot of users are not used to have such complicated passwords, so when it comes to think one up they enter an “easy to forget” string, thinking they’ll remember it. Unfortunately they realize a mistake only when they forgot Apple ID password. To help such people I made a step-by-step guide which will take you through a process of resetting an Apple ID password.

Some users go even further… they forget Apple ID password and login altogether. In this case you still have two choices… If your phone is not locked you can go to Settings > iCloud and have a look what e-mail had been used for registering Apple ID. On the other hand, If your iPhone is locked you can try to use Apple ID recovery tool.

If you’re still lost… And wondering what your Apple ID login is, I want to remind you something. APPLE ID LOGIN IS AN E-MAIL YOU’VE USED DURING REGISTRATION. So switch on your memory and try to recall what e-mail address you could potentially used. If you still cannot remember, go to every e-mail account you currently have and search for any signs of mail messages from Apple. Obviously you should have used one of your private e-mail addresses, so when you find Apple messages in one of them, this is going to be your Apple ID.

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I hope you remembered your personal Apple ID login by now. If so it’s time to reset forgotten Apple ID password. There are few different ways to do that and it all depends on your memory abilities again…

Reset forgotten Apple ID password via e-mail

As you could probably guessed we are about to reset the password using an e-mail account. This is the most easy way, but requires that you still have access to e-mail addresses you had specified during Apple ID registration. When I say e-mail addresses I mean the main e-mail account which is now your Apple ID and also the Optional Rescue e-mail account. To reset Apple ID password follow steps below:

Step 1 Go to and enter your Apple ID, then press Continue
Forgot Apple ID

Step 2 Select the first option “Get an e-mail“. !!!ATTENTION!!! Have a look at the string below. It says “We will send instructions to your email address ending in“. It’s very important to see where Apple is going to send the password recovery letter. Please note that Apple ID and Rescue e-mail may be two different e-mail accounts.
Reset forgotten Apple ID password and login

Step 3 Recovery letter will be sent to your e-mail address. Open the e-mail named “How to reset your Apple ID password” and click on the “Reset now >” link.

Quite few users complain they didn’t receive a letter form Apple. If you are one of them – read this article. You can also check SPAM folder of your e-mail account. Just make sure you search at the right place… see the ending of rescue e-mail as it appears on the picture above.

Reset Apple ID password by answering security questions

If for some reasons you don’t have access to the Rescue e-mail address, or Apple mail doesn’t wish to arrive you can try to reset Apple ID password by answering security questions. I hope you remember the answers… If not, skip to the very end of the article where I share the last possible solution.

Step 1 Go to and enter your Apple ID identifier (e-mail)
Step 2 Click the radio button named “Answer security questions” and press “Continue
Step 3 Verify your birthday to continue
Step 4 Give the correct answers for two security questions
Step 5 Enter new password for your Apple ID

What if none of the above worked?

If you forgot Apple ID password and still struggle resetting it, there is one more way to get it sorted. You can contact official Apple support team and ask them to reset the password for you. To do that go to and click on Apple ID section. Then specify a problem and choose the way you wish the Apple Support representative to contact you. It is possible to schedule a phone call, get on line within few minutes or get a phone number to give them a buzz when you’re ready. Apple representative will have to authenticate if Apple ID account is really yours, so be prepared to answer some questions.

Apple Support phone number for US: 1-800-275-2273 (working hours from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Central)

“Easy to guess” VS “Strong” password

If you keep forgetting passwords for your accounts you should create an easy to remember one… though it should be hard to hack at the same time. Here I want to share my experience on this… For my personal Apple ID account I use a password which consist of two words and one digit in between. One word is written in lower case, the other word is in upper case. For example geek4DUMMY or beer2BEER. You got the idea. Such passwords are not easy to pick by hackers but easy to remember and also so easy to be entered on iPhone.

We hope your Apple ID password is now restored and kept in your memory. Keep it protected and don’t share with anyone. Whoever has a password can easily apply a remote lock or erase your iDevice. To deliver some more of our experience in near future we plan one more article – “iCloud Activation Lock – The ways to crack, if any…“. Sign up for updates using form below. Don’t miss all the secrets!

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