How to change Apple ID on iPhone [A-Z Guide]

Quite often I meet iPhone users, who don’t know Apple ID information which is entered in their iDevices. These are weird people… Don’t you think? They don’t realize they miss brilliant Apple services, thus whole idea of using an iPhone is perverted… If you are one of them, READ this article IN FULL! Today I will explain how to change Apple ID on iPhone for your own. At the end of the post you’ll get a BONUS (secret way of sharing paid apps between iOS devices).

There might be several reasons why some people don’t know the Apple ID’s password. The most common reason I came across is laziness and scare of new iPhone users to get involved with Apple ID creation and other technical stuff. It’s much easier for such person to ask somebody else to do it for him (a friend, a guy in the shop, an alien from Mars…). Usually the stranger enters his private Apple ID, but NEVER SHARES THE PASSWORD. As a result the new iPhone owner is stuck with a device which can’t be used with App Store and other services.

Ok. Let’s get back to business… To swap Apple ID on iPhone follow steps below:

STEP 1: Register new Apple ID

I’ve been always saying that Apple ID is an important strategic key in setting your iPhone. If you don’t have your personal Apple ID yet, it’s time to get one! You can find a dedicated manual here. Follow the link and complete a simple registration. If you have problems with registration, contact me. Then go to STEP 2.

Enter you Apple ID here

STEP 2: Change Apple ID for iCloud services

There are two places in iPhone settings where you SHOULD enter your Apple ID details (see picture above). The First place is here: Settings > iCloud. If you found some strange Apple ID already entered at this stage, it’s time to contact previous iPhone owner and get the password. WITHOUT PASSWORD OF STRANGER’S APPLE ID YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO SIGN OUT! If you have the password, scroll down and click “Sign Out”. You’ll be asked to enter the password in order to switch off “Find My iPhone” services.

iCloud SettingsSign Out from iCloud

If iCloud settings are clear, just enter your Apple ID account e-mail + password and click “Sign In”. The verification process can take up to one minute… Be patient!

Verifying Apple ID

WHAT NOW? You’ve just gained the access to iCloud services and iCloud storage (5Gb for free). iCloud is a virtual storage place to keep backups and synchronize Contacts, Notes, Calendars and other information between all your Apple devices. More than that, now you can also use awesome “Find My iPhone” feature. Make sure you activate it in iCloud settings. If your iPhone ever go missing or stolen, you’ll be able to trace it on the map, provide remote lock or erase it.

Activate iCloud services

STEP 3: Change Apple ID for iTunes & App Stores

The second place where you should enter Apple ID details is here: Settings > iTunes & App Store. The process is similar to STEP 2 except this time you won’t need Apple ID password of a previous owner. Click on Apple ID:e-mail and then “Sign Out”. Now enter your Apple account details in corresponding fields and press “Sign In”.

Changing Apple ID on iPhoneUsing Apple ID with App Store

WHAT NOW? You have just set an Apple ID which will be used every time you access App Store, iTunes Store and literally every Apple Service. All of your purchases will be associated with this Apple ID. This means you don’t have to pay twice for the app if you wish to download it second (third, etc.) time. REMEMBER! YOU PAY FOR A SINGLE APP ONLY ONES!, then you can download this app for free as many times as you wish… Even using different iPhones. Now I want to share with you a BONUS which is based on this principle.

!!! BONUS !!! If you change your Apple ID for other Apple ID (as it’s described in STEP 3), then you’ll be able to download and install all paid apps which are tight to this Apple ID. In other words, all you have to do is to get Apple ID details from your friend (who spent a lot of money for apps) and replace it in Settings > iTunes & App Store. Then go to App Store and download apps which had been already paid for by your friend. Clever, isn’t it?

When you finish with your friend’s account, replace it with your own Apple ID in Settings. All Apps will remain on your iPhone, but you’ll need a friends password if you decide to update these apps later.

How to change Apple ID without loosing data from iPhone

Quite few people keep asking me the same question… They want to change Apple account on their iPhones but at the same time they want to keep old Contacts, Calendars… etc. It’s not hard to do if you follow steps below:

Step 1 Go to Settings > iCloud
Step 2 Scroll down and press “Sign Out“. Confirm by pressing “Sign Out” one more time.

Sign Out from iCloud

Step 3 You’ll be asked about iCloud notes… Just press “Delete from My iPhone“. Don’t worry about that, we’ll get it back later.

Delete iCloud Notes from iPhone

Step 4 You’ll be asked about Calendars, Safari data and Contacts… Press “Keep on My iPhone“. That’s what you wanted! Right?

Keep Contacts on iPhone

Step 5 Enter password for old Apple ID. You’ll be signed out from old account.
Step 6 Go to Settings > iCloud. Enter details of new Apple ID. Done!

It wasn’t hard, was it? If you still have questions or having trouble with Apple ID change, share it in comment area below. We’ll try to find a solution for everyone. If I helped you today, please share this article in social networks. Help me to get closer to people who are looking for right solution… More manuals to come! Don’t forget to subscribe!

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