How to check App Store purchase history? [Dummy Guide]

Despite seeming simplicity and intuitive interface, your iPhone can also be a pain in the ass. I bet any money that you don’t remember how to set your favorite tune as a ringtone? How about uploading movies to iPhone? NO? You’re not alone! When it comes to something more complicated than dragging icons through home screen, 90% of iPhone users would ask Google. In this article we’ll cover one of those topics. Below I’ll show you how to check App Store purchase history.

Why would anybody even need to check the AppStore history? For sure you have your own reasons. But in most cases it’s required due to «unknown» iTunes Store charges on your bank account.

Similar situation had happened with my friend Max, when he received a message regarding a 7.99$ transaction, billed by iTunes. It turned out that he shares Apple ID with his wife, but both of them didn’t recall buying anything on their iPhones.

So Max came to me with exactly the same question – How do I check what app caused a bank charge?

Ok. To check App Store history you will need either an iOS device, or a computer with iTunes. I will describe each way separately.

How to check Appstore purchase history on iPhone?

Let’s be realists! Apple would not take the money from your card just like that for no reason. There was definitely some action from your side… or your wife… or your kids. Let’s see then what was that:

1 Go to Settings – [Your Name] – iTunes & App Store. Tap on your Apple ID (top line).

2 Tap on View Apple ID.

3 Scroll the screen until you see Purchase History. Click on it.
How to check iPhone app history

4 Here it is! The list of all apps that had been purchased for $ or downloaded for free.
View App Store purchase history

There should be no problem to identify your recent purchase. If you don’t see the amount matching on your bank statement, then also check the active subscriptions on your Apple ID account (see the screenshot in Step 2 above). It’s possible that you… or one of your relatives, had subscribed for some services (usually in-app purchase).

View iTunes and App Store history on computer in iTunes

It’s also possible to view the App Store purchase history on any computer with installed iTunes. By checking the history this way, you get more options… one of them is getting a refund for the app you paid for but didn’t like or use much.

1 Open iTunes on the computer. From top menu pick AccountView My Account… You must be logged in with your Apple ID, of course.
Checking iTunes purchase history

2 On your account page, scroll down to Purchase History then click on See All.
Why iTunes charged my account

3 Here it is… Everything you’ve downloaded from App Store on your iPhone is here.
iTunes history
There is nothing more to say.

You probably wonder whether a friend of mine had figured out the reason of 7.99$ charge? Sure thing! It turned out that Max’s wife was so excited to install some new ringtones that she had successfully signed for a monthly subscription in one of those dodgy ringtones app.

Fortunately Max knows me, and I know how to check App Store purchase history. At the end of the story the subscription was cancelled. The money are in the bank.

I didn’t show you how to refund money for the purchased apps. Let’s probably write separate article where we’ll cover this topic.

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