How to create Apple ID without credit card [A-Z Guide]

I think most of you guys already know what “Apple ID” means? If not, please check inside of your pockets now. If you find an iPhone or iPad, you MUST READ this article IN FULL and do exactly how it’s explained in Step-by-Step guide below. Trust me, it’s not another «Blah-Blah-Blah…» article, and I’m serious about that. The information on this page is VERY IMPORTANT and VITAL in order to set up you iPhone ones and right. Today I will explain how to create Apple ID without entering credit card details.

What is Apple ID?

Apple ID – is your personal account, which opens the door to the world of Apple’s ecosystem. In fact Apple ID is just an e-mail address + password which you specify during registration. Whatever Apple services you plan to use, you’ll be asked to login with your Apple ID. You can use your account to get access to App Store, iTunes store, Find My iPhone services, also synchronize all your personal data (Contacts, Notes, Mail, Photos, etc.) via iCloud storage and much more. Whatever you do on an iPhone you’ll be asked your personal Apple ID.

Creating an Apple ID is a simple process that can be done in two ways. It all depends which gadget you currently have available. In this guide I’ll show both ways of Apple account registration: on iOS device and on the computer (MAC or PC) with iTunes.

How to create Apple ID on iPhone (iPad)

During first start of the iPhone, you’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID. It’s better to skip it by pressing «Skip This Step» (small letters in the center). Complete iPhone initial set up process until you get to iOS home screen. Now, when you have a working device, it’s time to create your personal Apple ID.

To register Apple ID follow the instructions below:

STEP 1 !!! THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP !!! Launch App Store app on your iPhone and choose «Top-Charts» at the bottom of the screen. Click «Free» tab to display most popular free apps. Choose any FREE APP and click GET button and then INSTALL. That’s the trick! Downloading a free app gives you the ability to register Apple ID WITHOUT CREDIT CARD in the next step.

STEP 2 In the pop-up window press «Create New Apple ID».
Create an Apple ID

STEP 3 Country or region. Specify your country. Please note your account will be tight to that country’s App Store. The amount and availability of apps can differ depending on the country.
Choose your country

STEP 4 Terms & Conditions. Agree and than confirm the T & C.
Apple ID Terms and Conditions

STEP 5 New Account information. Please fill in all fields at this page: e-mail (it MUST BE EXISTING e-mail which you can access in order to get to confirmation letter), password (it should be more than 8 characters and consist of capital letters, lowercase letters and numbers), security questions, date of birth, etc.
Create Apple ID e-mailApple ID security info

STEP 6 Billing Information. This step usually brings headache and frustration to a lot of people. If you started creating Apple ID in any other way different to STEP 1, it’s very possible you won’t see None option in the list of payment methods. When you try to download a FREE APP (prior registration), you get a possibility to register an account without credit card details.

Apple ID billing infoApple ID information

Choose None at Billing Information section. Enter your title, name, address, etc. No one is going to check your private information so you’re not obliged to provide your real details. Please note that ZIP code must be similar to a real one (at least contain enough symbols).

STEP 7 E-mail verification. After you press «Next» the Apple ID registration will be completed. One more IMPORTANT thing is to confirm your e-mail address. Please go to your e-mail box (which you specified in Step 5) and find a message from Apple. You should click the link «Confirm Now >» inside of the letter and then enter login and password of your new Apple ID.

Congratulations! You’ve just created your own Apple ID! It wasn’t hard to do, was it? If you have problems creating an account, ask for my assistance or try the method below.

Create Apple ID on computer (MAC or PC)

First thing first! You must have iTunes installed on your computer. If you don’t have one yet – DOWNLOAD FROM HERE.

STEP 1 Launch iTunes. At the top-left corner click Apps icon, then at the top-right corner click App Store tab. Browse through apps and find any FREE application. !!! ATTENTION !!! It’s very important to pick a FREE APP. Now press GET button and then Create Apple ID from popped up window.
Create Apple ID on computer

STEP 2 Follow through all steps of registration:

  • Welcome
  • Terms and Conditions (tick the checkbox and agree)
  • Provide Apple ID Details (Email, password, Security info, etc.)
  • Apple ID registration info

  • Provide a Payment Method. Choose None as a Payment Type and fill necessary fields of Billing Address (ones again, no one is going to check if these are you real details). Complete registration by clicking Create Apple ID
  • Apple ID without credit card

STEP 3 Don’t forget to check your e-mail box and search for confirmation message from Apple.

That’s it!

How to add/remove credit card information to/from Apple ID

If you ever decide to download a paid app you’ll have to add credit card details to your Apple ID account. To do so grab your iOS device and do as follows:

STEP 1 Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > click on Apple ID: your e-mail
STEP 2 The window will pop up. Click on View Apple ID to get to account settings
STEP 3 Click Payment Information and specify your Payment Type (enter card number or click None option)
STEP 4 Make sure the Billing Address matches with one of your credit card.

Be careful with Apple ID which has credit card details on board. It’s so easy to spend a lot of money without even realizing it. Especially if iPhone/iPad is being used by kids. My son is just 4 year old but he already knows how to install apps from the App Store. Thanks to Apple they still ask for Apple ID password when it comes to money.

One of my friends got to a ridiculous situation when his daughter managed to buy some music at iTunes even when card balance was zero. He was really surprised when he found out about the debt on his Apple ID. In fact Apple doesn’t check the balance of your card, it just tries to charge it… very often in few days time. In case there is not enough money left at your bank account, Apple will put a debt on your name and then block Apple ID account if you don’t pay in time.

That’s why I always suggest to initially create an Apple ID without a card. You’ll be able to add card details at any time in future. At other hand, if you register an Apple ID with a bank card, you won’t be able to get None option at Payment Type in future.

If you still struggle with registration process or can’t get a NONE option as Payment Type, ask me for help using a CONTACT FORM. Good luck to everyone!

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