How to delete all photos from iPhone in less than 3 seconds? [Idiot Guide]

ATTENTION, please! Do you want to delete all photos from iPhone in just 3 seconds? Then this article is for YOU! I guarantee the method works exactly as “advertised”. I don’t ask for the reasons of deleting your home videos and photos, but you should know it’s so easy to implement. Even if you have thousands of files to delete, we can do it directly from iPhone… in just 3 seconds. Moreover, we don’t need a computer or Lightning cable to do that. All you need is one hand with two fingers on it… Do you qualify? Let’s begin…

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to abuse anyone by the requirement above… It’s literally all we need. No kidding…

Why do I write about that? OK, listen… I have one “bad habit”… I spy for other websites in same niche to analyze keywords and popular topics that drive search traffic to these websites. I’m James Bond in this way… So I found that quite few people are very interested in deleting all photos from iPhone, so I’m here to help them.

When I searched Google and looked at first few articles on that topic, all of them turned out to be very boring. It’s obviously easy to delete photos… You just select them and clicking the Trashcan icon. But what should I do, if there are thousands of photos in Camera Roll? Shall I click on every photo? Even me, being a calm person, will get mad doing that… The answer is NO. I have a solution for you which will let you to select all photos in Camera Roll in less than 3 seconds. And then you can trash them all in one go.

In order to implement “my method” of selecting photos, we will use the ability of iPhone’s screen to detect multiple points of contacts – Multi-touch. We are all using “pinch to zoom” and other gestures without even thinking… My brain had few glitches when I was trying to “pinch” on a Nokia 6300… but then I realized I was an idiot. Did it happen to anyone of you? Leave a comment below.

So, in order to delete all photos from iPhone, follow the guide below (screenshots attached). Attention! All steps of the guide are very important. Follow with caution.

STEP 1 Open Photos app on iPhone, then go to Camera Roll. Click Select in right top corner.
How to delete all photos from iPhone

STEP 2 Put one of your fingers on the LAST PHOTO in Camera Roll, then slide to the left (not up, but to the left!!!) and don’t let the finger go yet. This way you select multiple photos (at least two).
Select multiple photos on iPhone

STEP 3 Without releasing the first finger, tap ones on the clock with the other finger. This way you scroll the photo list to the very top. Now finish selecting all photos with the first finger by moving it to the first photo. This way you selected all photos stored on iPhone. And it was quicker than 3 seconds!
Secret method of deleting photos from iPhone

STEP 4 Delete photos by tapping on the Trashcan image.

It’s a pure jugglery… I hope you managed to do that from first attempt. I can select all pisc with just one hand. The most important is not to lift the first finger after you’ve started to slide left.

After you removed all photos, they actually had moved to a Recently Deleted folder in Photos app. Go to that folder then think twice… if you’re 100% sure, click on Select in right top corner, then Delete All in left bottom.

That’s it! Stop staring at my photos! Go and delete your ones… Then share this method in social networks! Remember! We need your support to keep on creating good and helpful guides for you guys. Merry Christmas.

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