How to delete Instagram account [Idiot Guide]

Five years ago not many people knew about Instagram, and even less were using it… Since that time a lot of things had changed. These days Instagram is installed on almost every smartphone. Some people use it to show up their big lips and tits, others are making big bucks by selling products and services. In both ways Instagram is brilliant… But I believe it may have also affected someones lives… in a bad way. So, whatever your reason is, in this article I will show you how to delete Instagram account or temporary block it.

Psss… Hey man! … Why are you doing this? What could had happened that you want to delete your account? … OK. I know it’s not my business, but you can still share your reason in comments below.

ATTENTION, please! The procedure which you’re about to follow will lead to irreversible consequences. As a result all your photos, comments and other Instagram activity will be permanently deleted. No «restore option» will be available. Before you proceed, read the article in full… there is an option for you.

How to delete Instagram account for good…

First of all let’s make it clear – by deleting an Instagram App on your phone, you don’t delete an Instagram account. The account still exists, thus all of your posted photos can be accessed by you and other users.

If you really need to delete your Instagram account, follow a simple procedure below:

  • STEP 1 Go to a dedicated Delete Your Account page. You can do this in the browser of any device. Log in with your Instagram account.
  • STEP 2 Now you need to specify the reason Why are you deleting your account? Choose one of the options from drop-down menu.
  • Delete Instagram account

  • STEP 3 Think one more time!!! Enter your password, then tap “Permanently delete my account” button.

In order to delete and Instagram account on a smartphone, you have to use a browser. The Instagram application doesn’t offer such option… so don’t waste your time looking for it.

If you’re still hesitating, try the following option first… Try to temporary hide your Instagram account.

How to temporarily disable Instagram account?

By temporarily disabling Instagram account you just hide it from other users. All your posts and comments are not deleted and can be restored for browsing in no time.

It’s a good alternative to a «permanent delete» and I would suggest you to try it first.

STEP 1 Go to and authorize using your account. You can do this on any device that have a web browser. Ones again, the Instagram App doesn’t have an option to disable the account.

STEP 2 Tap a «human» icon in the top right corner. Then tap «Edit Profile» button.
How to delete Instagram account

STEP 3 Scroll the page down and tap «Temporarily disable my account».

STEP 4 Now specify the reason «Why are you disabling your account?». Re-enter your password and confirm by tapping on «Temporarily Disable Account».
Temporary disable instagram account

That’s it! To reactivate Instagram account you’ll have to just log back in.

What else I wanted to say? I’m not a celebrity of any kind, but just a normal guy, thus I don’t see the reason to post any personal photos of myself and family. I’m not chasing the amount of «Likes» or «Followers», but prefer to have many real friends with whom I can have a real pint of Guinness. The happiness for me is when all of my relatives are healthy. And if you’re happy in your life, it’s so unnecessary to shout about that. As one of my university lecturer liked to say «Keep quite!», and I do agree.

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