How to downgrade iOS on iPhone? [Idiot Guide]

Hi… What did you say? You don’t like new iOS version?! … Why did you upgrade it so quick then? … I never upgrade in the first few weeks after a new release. I prefer to see feedback from other users first. In the past 4 years, there was not even ones when newly released iPhone’s firmware was not laggy or affected battery life. Every year Apple promise us something “extraordinary and magnificent” with new features and emoji of course. In real life we usually get laggy interface, shortened battery life, self closing apps and … new emoji (it’s coming as a bonus probably). Users (who upgraded) start posting numerous complaints all over internet, and Apple starts to issue minor updates with patches to all of the problems. I wouldn’t wait that long! If you are ready to sacrifice new emoji for longer battery life, here is a step by step Idiot Guide on how to downgrade iOS on iPhone.

No, I didn’t call you an idiot! The guide is just so simple that even a complete noob can follow it…

First of all I want to remind you couple of things you must know about iOS downgrade. Upgrading iOS is very intuitive. You don’t have to have a university diploma to press few buttons in iPhone Settings. It’s a bit different story if you want to return to a previous iOS version. To downgrade iOS you’ll have to download an .ipsw firmware file from internet and then install it on your iPhone using a computer.

Did I scare you? Don’t worry, it’s much easier than it sounds like…

Don’t be so optimistic if you decided you can install any iOS version on your iPhone now… I have to disappoint you. There is one more restriction from Apple you should know about. Let me try to explain… During iOS installation (no matter which version), your device requests a digital signature from Apple’s server. If server detects a firmware version which is not supported by Apple any more, you’ll get an error and failed iOS downgrade.

Didn’t get it? Here is the real life example: you’ve updated iPhone to iOS 11 and never liked it, so you may still have a chance to downgrade to previous iOS, which was 10.3.3. Not 9.2 or 7.3, but 10.3.3 only. After short period of time, Apple stops signing old firmware versions. Thus, you have around 10 days after new iOS firmware release to make just “one step back”. After ten days Apple stops signing previous firmware so you’re stuck with current version until the new one is released. Then the loop starts again.

How to figure out which iOS Firmware version is currently supported by your iPhone model? It’s very easy… Just visit and click on your device model.

What is current iOS firmware

In order to downgrade iOS firmware to previous version follow this guide:

STEP 1 On MAC/PC: Go to website: and download .ipsw firmware file (to do that pick a type of the product, choose a model, choose a version, download it). Beware, it may take up to 2.5Gb in space.
How to downgrade iOS to previous version

STEP 2 On PC/MAC: Make sure you have the latest iTunes version installed (download iTunes).

STEP 3 On iPhone: Backup all important information (just in case something goes wrong).

STEP 4 On iPhone: Go to Settings and turn off “Find my iPhone” and “Touch ID” options.

STEP 5 Connect iPhone to a computer with a lightning cable. Run iTunes.

STEP 6 Click on the pictogram of your device (see picture below).
iOS downgrade without a computer is not possible

STEP 7 Press and hold Shift on the keyboard of your PC (alt/option for MAC) and click “Update” button in iTunes window.
How to return previous firmware on iPhone

STEP 8 A new “Open” window will pop up. Find and double click on the .ipsw file which you had downloaded in STEP 1.

The process of iOS downgrade should begin.

How to downgrade iOS without computer?

If you want a quick and honest answer: IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to downgrade iOS without computer.

If you don’t trust me… Search Google and find a lot of articles or YouTube videos where people would say and do all kind of bullshit, just to have your attention.

Someone might say “But I don’t have a computer… What shall I do?”… Are you serious now?! Look out of the window! The Artificial Intelligence robots are taking over the world, and you still don’t have a computer? I think, in this case you’d better stay with a laggy iOS. You’ll be OK…

And yes… All you will need is a computer + iTunes. I wouldn’t bother with millions of apps which are “presumably better” than iTunes. Of course it’s not ideal, but third party soft in most cases is a useless crap (which is not free I must admit). Just know, that you’ll be good with iTunes.


As you see, it wasn’t complicated at all. Since you’re just updating the iPhone’s firmware, all information (contacts, photos, notes, apps, etc.) will remain on your phone. Don’t forget, that new updates are coming… If original release of new iOS firmware didn’t impress you, try later versions with X.1 or X.1.1 editions. Usually they are more stable and contain much less bugs.

I hope you iPhone is now working smoothly and battery lasts all day. If you found this article helpful – please click one of the social buttons.

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