How to Download Music on iPhone for offline use? [Ultimate Guide]

After reading this article you’ll get a MUST HAVE fundamental knowledge, which you will be applying almost every time you want to copy files to iOS device. Today I will show you how to download music on iPhone in five different ways. Which one to choose and use is going to be up to your choice. We are not going to cover any streaming services like Apple Music etc., but instead will learn how to download music files to iPhone’s memory for offline use. This way you’ll be able to listen to you favorite tunes any time (no internet required). Some methods described below might seem weird (to more advanced users), but trust me, these methods give more flexibility and are very easy to understand and implement.

At the beginning I want to remind you of one sad fact. From the very first day, iOS was created as a “closed” operating system, which means it’s NOT possible to download music to iPhone by doing “drag and drop” move on the computer. It just doesn’t work as you used to do on Android phones or with USB flash drives.

In order to protect music copyrights, Apple had created an app-tool called iTunes. A lot of people don’t like working with iTunes… others are scared of it… but vast majority of iPhone owners just hate this program and try to avoid it. I totally understand the reaction, but you’ll have to become friends with it. Even if it seems too complicated, it’s actually not. You only need to practice few tricks, and when you do, you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

To download music to iPhone we’ll use the following 5 methods:

  1. Download music to iPhone using iTunes
  2. Add music to iPhone using WALTR app
  3. Add music to iPhone via iOS Flash Drive
  4. iPhone music downloader app from AppStore
  5. Downloading music from YouTube to iPhone

How to Download music to iPhone using iTunes?

As for me, this is the main method of downloading music to iPhone, which I use since I bought my first iPod Classic… years ago. This method might seem a bit weird to some people, and others will call me a “savage”, but I still prefer doing it in my own way and I will explain why.

iTunes Synchronization – is a process when content of iTunes library is compared with media stored on iPhone, with following adjusting of iPhone content. That means if you delete some music tracks from iTunes library, same tracks will be deleted from iPhone, next time you synchronize it with this computer. In other words, synchronization process adds and deletes music from iPhone accordingly with iTunes media library content.

The way iTunes synchronizes media on the iPhone JUST MAKES ME MAD, that’s why I prefer to manage music on my iPhone manually. Synchronization process does a lot of actions which I don’t want to happen. More than that, your iPhone can be synchronized with just one media library on a certain computer. F*ck that!

Here is How I download music to iPhone using iTunes:

STEP 1 Connect iPhone to a computer with a USB cord. Launch iTunes.

STEP 2 Click on the icon of your device.

STEP 3 Scroll down until you see Options tab. Make sure you CHECK the box against “Manually manage music and videos”.
Manually manage music on iPhone

STEP 4 Choose Music from the Settings menu on the left. UNCHECKSync Music”.
iTunes Sync Music

STEP 5 Now you need to return to the page with Libraries. To do that click Back button (left arrow).
Go back to Libraries page of iTunes

STEP 6 Now add necessary music files to iTunes Library. To do that go to top menu File – Add to Library… Choose music files which you want to add to iPhone and click Open button. Only supported by Apple iPhone music files will be shown up in that window.
Add music to iPhone

STEP 7 After files had appeared in iTunes music library, it’s time to download them to iPhone. Highlight all files in the Library by pressing + A (Ctrl + A on Windows PC) and drag them to the left to release over your device.
Download music to iPhone

Don’t disconnect iPhone until all files are fully copied. Now you can listen to your music on iPhone. Downloaded tracks will appear in standard Music app on iPhone.

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Of course, iTunes is able to do much more than that, but it’s not what you came for. I’m not a fanatical music lover who keeps tons of music files and organizes them in playlists. All I need is to download few tracks on my iPhone to listen during my morning running session. The method described above is just perfect for that.

Sick of iTunes? Then WALTR is what you need!

WALTR - add music to iPad and iPhoneIf you find iTunes too complicated, there is more simple way of copying music on iOS devices. In this method we are going to use an app called WALTR. Absolutely amazing application created by genius team named Softorino, which makes a process of downloading music to iPhone as simple as it’s done on Android devices. In few words – connect iPhone to computer, drag music files to the WALTR window.

There are versions of WALTR for MAC and Windows PC… Both can be downloaded at official website These guys made impossible things real, thus WALTR can copy even music file formats which are not officially supported by Apple. The app is not free though, for just 29,95$ you get a lifelong license for one computer. I know that many of you don’t like to pay for software applications and would probably call me an idiot… But listen! If no one pays for apps, developers will stop making them. Every job has to be paid for! If your religion doesn’t let you to spend money for apps, get a pirate version of it. Don’t know where to get a pirate version of WALTR for MAC? Read this article.

So, how to download music to iPhone using WALTR? Here is a simple guide for you:

STEP 1 Launch WALTR and connect iPhone to computer via USB cable

STEP 2 Drag necessary music files from Finder window to WALTR window or press “Select Files” button at WALTR window and choose music files manually.
WALTR - add music to iPad and iPhone

STEP 3 Wait for music to be copied on your device. That’s it!
Music is being downloaded to iOS device

WALTR does all the job for you so you don’t need to worry about file formats, etc. It works as fine with videos as well!

I don’t have a clue, if unsupported music files get converted while transfer or not, but it doesn’t really matter. Copied music appears in native Music app on iPhone.

I’m an honest guy! So I can assure you that Softorino didn’t pay me a penny (shame though) for advertising their app. Despite that I would really recommend WALTR to everyone. It’s just amazing!

Some of you may remember other apps for copying content to/from iPhone. I have to disappoint you… none of it works any more. iTools – barely working Chinese shit. iFunBox – doesn’t have abilities to add music on iPhone. TouchCopy – lets you to copy music and other content from iPhone to computer only.

Add music via USB Flash Drive for iPhone

Ok! I guess previous two methods were not for you really… No problem! Now I’m gonna share a really cool lifehack with you – USB Flash Drive which can be used with iPhone or iPad.

Flash drive for iPhoneWas ist das? It is a usual USB-A drive with a Lightning connector on the other side. Clever, isn’t it? You can copy music from computer on to the Flash Drive, then play it directly on iPhone or copy it to iPhone’s memory and listen later. Due to limits applied to iOS file system, third party apps and hardware have NO possibility to interact or get access to system files and folders. Thus, usage of the Lightning Flash Drive on iPhone is done through a special companion application, which can be downloaded from App Store (each brand has it’s own app).

This flash drive can be purchased for peanut’s money from AliExpress (I got it from here). If you live in US, follow the link for Ultimate Guide above where I shared top 5 iOS Flash Drives from Amazon.

In one of the next articles I will cover a USB/Lightning Flash Drive from Ugreen in more detail. I believe it’s one of the best Flash Drives for iPhone on the market with very-very attractive and affordable price.

iPhone Music Downloader app from App Store

I’ve had situations when I needed to download music directly to iPhone, with no computer nearby. To get it done I had to use iPhone music downloader app from App Store. It’s actually an app which let’s you to download music from many websites (usually with pirate content, but not necessarily). If you negatively treat piracy, skip that method.

All iPhone music downloader apps have one common negative aspect – they don’t let you to add music to native Music app on iPhone. To get the right app, you should type and search for “free download” in App Store. There are a lot of apps which have similar functionality, so I’m not going to suggest you a specific one. In any way, Apple periodically kicks them out of App Store, though new ones appear even sooner.

To show you how to use iPhone Music Downloader, I installed an app called “Free Web Downloader – Browser for Files…

Honestly saying, I don’t use that method too often, but you should know that it also exists and works. It also might be handy in certain circumstances.

In order to download music directly on iPhone, follow the steps below.

STEP 1 Search App Store for “free download” and get few apps appeared at the top. In my case it was “Free Web Downloader – Browser for Files…
iPhone music downloader

In order to save your time and efforts beware of the following: if you find an app which presumably can download free music directly to iPhone, don’t get excited too quick. None of them work as it’s promised. There is a strict copyrights policy from Apple, which doesn’t let such applications (music download) in App Store.

STEP 2 The app usually has a built in Web Browser. Enter the address of the website where you usually get free pirate music from. Come on! Don’t tell me you don’t know such web sites… If not, get the clue from pictures below. I can name only few:,, There are definitely more websites with free music, so if you know any, share with other in comments below.
Download free music on iPhone

STEP 3 Search for your favorite tunes (search bar is at the top). Then click Download button.
Click Download button to add music

STEP 4 Every downloaded music file can be found in Files tab. Every time you want to listen to it, you’ll have to come back to this app. This is a major downside of this method, which I mentioned earlier. The music you download inside of this app stays inside of this app and don’t get to native Music app.
Add music files from web directly to iPhone

I just gave you an overall idea of how this method works. Most likely you won’t find the same application in App Store (it will be kicked out by that time), thus it will look slightly different. Just remember what you should do with it.

How to Download music from YouTube to iPhone

I’ve done a search for keywords related to “iPhone music download” and found that a lot of people often search for “How to Download Music from YouTube to iPhone“. I know one working method, or even few, but I think it’s worth writing a separate article since this one is getting too large.

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I think that’s it… If you’ve stayed with us until this point, you’re a cool guy… or a girl. In any way, now you shouldn’t have problems adding music to your iPhone. I would suggest to concentrate your attention on first three methods, since the other two are really nuts. If you’ll get stuck at some point, don’t hesitate to ask me… just remember to explain what exactly you’re struggling with.

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