How to set your own ringtone on iPhone? [Idiot Guide]

You should agree with me if I say that iOS interface is pretty simple… Installing apps, setting the alarm and many other things we do on iPhone are coming naturally without problems. Despite deceiving simplicity, iPhone users may stuck at usual tasks like music transfer, contacts synchronization or even setting of a custom ringtone. It happened to me, it happen to you. It’s not possible to know everything… But you can always find a guide online. So in this guide I’m about to show you how to set your own ringtone on iPhone.

First thing you should know about, is that iPhone supports ringtones ONLY in M4R format. Unfortunately, that means you won’t be able to use an MP3 file as a ringtone on your iPhone. You could probably do it on Android smartphone, but not in iOS.

Anyhow… let’s say you have an MP3 file with your favorite tune, and now you want to set it as a ringtone. To do that you have to create an M4R ringtone supported by iPhone. It’s so simple that even my 6 year old son can do it. I have a dedicated (very simple to do) guide which can be found HERE.

Before you proceed you have to have a ringtone file in m4r format. Please note that iPhone ringtone SHOULD NOT be longer than 39 seconds, otherwise it will be rejected by iPhone.

Now, when you have a ringtone ready, just transfer it to iPhone.

STEP 1 Copy m4r ringtone file to Desktop (this step is an option).

STEP 2 Run iTunes and connect iPhone with a cable.

STEP 3 Drag the ringtone from Desktop to iTunes window, then release it over your device (see picture below).
How to set your own ringtone on iPhone?

STEP 4 Now you can set the ringtone from Settings – Sounds & Haptics – Ringtone.

Ones again, I WANT TO REMIND YOU that iPhone ringtones should be NO longer than 39 seconds. If you try to transfer a ringtone that is too long, you will get a message “The ringtone Bla-Bla was not copied to the iPhone because its duration is too long”.
The ringtone was not copied

This is probably everything you should know about setting your favorite tune as an iPhone ringtone. I bet you thought it would be more complicated… Sorry, but it’s not. Pretty much the same obvious steps you would have to do on any smartphone:

  • create/find a ringtone file (in our case M4R)
  • transfer it to iPhone (in our case via iTunes)

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