How to trim a video on iPhone? [Tutorial]

The age of compact digital cameras is almost over. Do you remember when you’ve used one last time? I don’t… These days ordinary people solely use cameras of mobile phones, whether for making photos or shooting video. Moreover the quality of phone camera footage comes out fantastic!

This article will start the whole range of lessons dedicated to mobile photography and film making. We will cover video editing, applying effects, adding music and other actions and manipulation you can do on the iPhone. In this lesson we are about to learn how to trim a video on iPhone. Let’s begin!

First of all let’s make it clear so you and me talk about the same thing. Trimming the video means making it shorter by deleting some footage at the beginning/end of the video clip. If you need to crop a video on iPhone, follow the link below.

  • How to crop a video on iPhone – Tutorial

To trim a video on iPhone we will use a built in editor. Just follow a simple guide below.

STEP 1 Go to Camera Roll and click on the video you want to make shorter. Then click “Edit” in top right corner.
How to trim a video on iPhone

STEP 2 To remove some footage from beginning or end of the video, tap and drag the end markers (I marked them with red arrows below).
Make iPhone video shorter

STEP 3 You should get something like on the screen below. If you hold the finger for few more seconds, the timeline will zoom in for precise adjustment.
Crop Video on iPhone

STEP 4 When you’re happy with your selection click “Done” then choose one of the options “Trim Original” or “Save as New Clip“.

As simple as that! This method allows just to trim the video on iPhone, but if you’re looking for more advanced video manipulation, there is an “Ultimate guide – How to edit video on iPhone” … which is coming soon actually. We still have to learn how to add music, create movie from separate videos, apply effects and much more. Don’t miss it – Subscribe! If you find my articles useful – consider buying me a pint of Guinness.

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