Why YouTube Videos Not Playing on iPhone? [Fix]

I have recently came across a problem when my wife’s iPhone stopped playing videos in YouTube app and Camera app. To watch YouTube videos we use PlayTube app which has a built-in cache option. It comes really handy when you need to download some cartoons from YouTube before traveling with a kid for a long distance.

So let’s get back to the problem. One usual morning the iPhone suddenly refused to play any YouTube video from YouTube. Instead of video playback I was getting a pop-up message «Could not connect to server. Please try again in few minutes…». First thing that came to my mind was reinstalling the PlayTube app… but it didn’t help. More than that I found that a built-in YouTube player doesn’t play videos as well, instead giving me another pop-up message «Unable to perform the operation…». All that meant to me there is a common problem with any video playback on that phone…

I’ve tried to do few more things in order to fix the issue, but there was only one solution which resolved the problem. When I’ve done a Soft Reboot of the iPhone (holding a POWER button for 3 seconds, then swiping on the top of the screen), the problem has gone.

YouTube Videos Not Playing on iPhone

Please note that reinstalling iPhone applications or Hard Reset (holding POWER button for 10 sec) didn’t help to fix the problem.

What can be a possible explanation to what happened to iPhone? I can only think of some glitch or bug in iPhone’s memory which caused videos to crash. Soft Reboot had helped to clear the iPhone’s memory and made it possible to play my son’s favorite Paw Patrol cartoons.

If you ever come across a problem when YouTube videos not playing on iPhone (iPad or iPod), first thing to try should be a Soft reboot. It does help in 90% of all cases. Please share in comments if this solution was helpful to you.

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