Understanding “iPhone is disabled – try again in 15 minutes” – SOLVED

Serious? Did you get your iPhone locked again? … Unbelievable! And at the same time normal…

You might start thinking that iPhone is the most problematic phone ever… We can say so, due to all sort of blockages that may occur – iCloud Activation Lock, network provider lock, “Your Apple ID was disabled for security reasons…”, iPhone is disabled due to wrong passcode… And so on!

On the other hand, all these had been implemented to protect your private information. To avoid unexpected situations with your device, it’s better to know how to prevent or fix one or the other type of blockage. So in this article we will cover the situation when your iPhone gets disabled for 5, 15, 60, etc. minutes…

iPhone is disabled, try again

Most probably this looks like your case, so we are not going to “drag the cat’s tail”… Do you wonder why this happened? The real reason – after five attempts to unlock the home screen with wrong passcode, the iPhone gets blocked for 1 minute. As simple as that…

SOLUTION: The most logic and simple is to wait for 1 to 15 minutes, then ENTER CORRECT PASSCODE.

Genius, right? But what if you don’t have or remember the right pass-code? We’ll talk about this a bit later.

In the meanwhile, to avoid disabling of your iPhone, try to enter correct pass-code from the first attempt. The more incorrect entries you do, the longer the blockage is. Here is simple cause and effect explanation:

  • 5 incorrect pass-codes entries – disables you iPhone for 1 minute
  • 7 incorrect entries – 5 minutes
  • 8 incorrect entries – 15 minutes
  • 9 incorrect entries – 60 minutes
  • 10 incorrect pass-code entries – iPhone is disabled, Connect to iTunes (the iPhone may also wipe all settings and information, but this is subject to activated option in iPhone settings).

It should not be a problem to wait for 15 minutes or even one hour… The other thing is when your iPhone is locked for 2567 minutes or asks to be “connected to iTunes”. We have a solution for this one too… see below.

I didn’t enter incorrect pass-codes! Why my iPhone is disabled?

Some of you may find the iPhone in disabled condition, but don’t recall entering wrong pass-code. There are few possible reasons for this.

Pockets: One of the most common situations is when you pull out your phone from the pocket to find out it’s disabled. This usually happens with people who keep their phones in the pockets with some other stuff, or they just stick their hands in the same pockets from time to time (who knows what for…). It’s enough to have a slight touch on the screen to activate it, the second touch brings the lock screen… The rest is just the matter of luck.

Hey! Don’t put your arms in the pockets! Just leave the iPhone alone there…

Human factor: This one can be divided in few possible scenarios: First – someone “deliberately” entered wrong pass-codes, in order to unlock iPhone. After 5 wrong entries you will see the famous message. Second – kids. Not much to say here. Almost all iPhone users think that way “iPhone is locked with a pass-code, so nobody can do any harm…”. In reality – kids don’t care about your pass-code, so they enter as many wrong pass codes as they want. The result – locked iPhone.

How to unlock a disabled iPhone?


If you don’t have patience or pass code itself, the only alternative option is to erase the iPhone through DFU mode (step-by-step guide is here).

There are no other options available.

How to fix “iPhone is disabled, Connect to iTunes…”?

When your iPhone tells you to connect it to iTunes, it’s probably the most right thing to do. Certainly this will only happen in an extreme situation which should be avoided.

Here you have two options, and it all depends on your answer for the following question.

Do you know the RIGHT pass-code for your iPhone?

YES: Simply connect the phone to a computer and follow instructions in iTunes. At some point you’ll be asked to enter correct pass code.

NO: You’ll need to connect the iPhone to computer, but restore it to factory settings via DFU mode.

Just to remind you, by restoring iPhone to factory settings, all information and data, stored on the phone, will be erased. The good thing is that the pass-code will be erased too.

All these might sound too cruel, but this is how it is. Apple is too serious when it comes to private information. The measures to protect your data may rather destroy it, if you’re not careful to keep all your passwords and pass codes in a safe place.

One more thing… Once your iPhone is restored to factory settings, you’ll be asked to enter Apple ID details, which was used to set this phone up. Hopefully, you remember at least this.

Looks like this is all you need to know so far.

Once again… for people who believe in magic… There is No Harry Potter’s spell to bypass the message “iPhone is disabled – try again in 15 minutes”. You either wait for XXX minutes and then enter correct pass-code, or erase your device completely. Can’t remember your passwords? Keep them on paper!

Life-hack: Even if your phone is disabled, you can still use the flashlight!

16 thoughts on “Understanding “iPhone is disabled – try again in 15 minutes” – SOLVED”

  1. Fuck apple, I need my phone and cannot access it because ot the iphone is disabled message. just fuck Apple. last I phone i ever buy.

  2. What’s up with these articles, seriously? It’s so obvious that you’re trying to cram in as many words as possible and 95% of them are meaningless.


    It is constancy taking pictures in my pocket and for the second time it has locked me out. I waited the 15 minutes and entered the CORRECT a code and it locked me out for an hour. I even have facial recognition enable.

    NEVER another CRAPPLE product for me.

  4. I got this message this morning, it was the first time that I picked it up, as I had been asleep.

    I was not attempting to use a password, I use my thumb. I live alone so no one
    was messing with the phone.
    Then after a bit I picked up my phone and it was fine.
    👻 Spooky.

    • My phone randomly locked up just a bit ago. No pocket crap…. none of the claims as to why. It was sitting on the table!! Btw, it took 1/2 hour NOT 15 minutes. Apple cannot tell time either! Last time I buy an IPhone.

  5. Best way to stop your iPhone disabling in your pocket: Go to Settings > Display & Brightness, and set the screen to turn off after 30 seconds, the shortest time available. And turn off “Lift to Wake” too. Also go to Settings > General > Accessibility, scroll down and turn off “Tap to Wake”.

  6. If i brake a legg during cycling true the mountains and my pocket seemed to have pushed 10 faulty attempts and I am bleeding to death i should just simply “wait for 15minutes”

    Even true i would be possible to call 112,911,… Apple would still be the first to sue after such a situation…. Thit is dangerous shit! I want it to be disabled!!!

  7. Happened to me today for the first time. I was riding my bike and used my phone several times to check maps. I did notice a button at the bottom of the screen which said “emergency” and, if memory serves, I was able to receive a call. Fixed now after waiting the 15 minutes. I also followed Jodi Lauren’s suggestions above to try to avoid a recurrence. I didn’t like it.

  8. Just happened to me. I was out walking and listening to a book. Prior to it becoming disabled it kept losing the Bluetooth signal to my ear buds. Very annoying.

  9. Any reason why iPhone disabled overnight ? Last week I encountered an issue – I just changed my password and it was fine night of but in the morning, I tried to unlock and it disabled randomly. Waited, tried again and it was fine after.


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