How to fix macOS language switching bug? [Real FIX]

Not long ago I started to experience an issue with input language switching in macOS. The problem comes when I try to switch the input language Russian-English-Russian. Despite pressing the right key combination multiple times, the input language doesn’t change. It may change after 3-4 trials though, but that’s not what I’m used to.

More than that, the flag icon in menu bar (top right corner) may change, but the actual input language would not.

This is super annoying and drives my crazy. This bug just ruins my smooth workflow. Why the hell it happens? Eventually I found a fix, which I share below.

I personally experienced this bug two times on different versions of macOS (Sierra and Mojave), so we can assume it doesn’t matter which version of macOS you use.

I also found few online discussion threads, where people experience exactly the same issue while using Korean, Japanese and other languages. That means the second language itself is not an issue too.

Before we jump to a quick fix, just want to mention that I use a classic shortcut combination Command + Space to switch between input languages.

So here is a fix for the language switching bug in macOS:

1 Go to System Preferences – Keyboard – Shortcuts
2 Select Input Sources from the left side of the window
3 Deactivate check mark for Select next source in input menu
4 Activate check mark opposite Select the previous input source

Language switching bug in macOS - FIX

In my case it was enough, but you may also check if standard keyboard shortcut Command + Space doesn’t conflict with Siri activation shortcut. To do this just disable the Keyboard Shortcut as shown on picture below.

Go to System Preferences – Siri and make sure that Keyboard Shortcut is set to Off

Deactivate Siri keyboard shortcut

That should sort the issue with annoying language switching bug in macOS.

Please leave a comment below, saying if that was enough to fix the problem and also which operating system you had experienced it on.

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