Safari keeps opening random URL tabs – Malware on MAC [Solved]

I never thought I would come across such a problem on my MAC, but a few days ago I was shocked to see Safari started opening random URL tabs for no reason. This is just SUPER annoying… really… I can’t concentrate on whatever I do and can’t stop thinking about a “bug” in my computer!

It really looks like one of those trojans you can find on PC, though I always thought it’s not possible to get one on MAC.

Now I know that you can, and I’ll tell you even more… now I recall how I let it into my computer. It was one of those dummy moments when you don’t think too much… I tried to watch some video on “random” website (NO, not the one with naked girls) and was asked to update the Flash player… so I let it to do the “Update”. Unfortunately, that was a mistake!

Adware in Flash update

The good thing it’s only bugging me when I use Safari app, and never appears anywhere else.

Obviously, I searched for a solution online and luckily I found something…

Just wanna let you know what didn’t work for me first:

  • Searching for suspicious files and folders in Library… What are we even looking for?
  • CleanMyMac X failed to detect any malware on my computer.

What really helped is the app called Malwarebytes (the link).

NO, this article is not sponsored by them. This app has a 14-day trial period with full access to all premium features. I guess, 14 days is enough to clean your MAC from unwanted shit.

I gave it a try and guess what! It detected 13 parasites…

Malware is detected on macOS

Detected malware included: Adware.Linkury, Adware.OperatorMac, OSX.Generic.Suspicious and OSX.VSearch. I don’t know exactly which one was affecting Safari, but all of them were successfully deleted after. No more random URL tabs in Safari.

Safari opens random URL tabs

I was always relying on “macOS security shield”… and it’s doing a good job… until the mannerless user like me comes and try to install some stupid Flash update.

Don’t be like me. Think twice before installing anything from internet… especially when it impose oneself on some website.

Looks like the adware and malware for macOS indeed exists. Why do some people want to make other people struggle? Why somebody created this shitty piece of software? Why the whole World is limited due to some stupid virus? A lot of “WHY”… and no answers.

I hope this article was helpful and you had your MAC cleaned. If so, click one of the social like buttons to let me know.

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