My Story…

Hey everyone! Max here. I’m That Guy behind, who constantly work on its improvement. Despite I spend a lot of time for research and writing articles, it’s just one of my hobbies.

In reality, I work as a Sr. Instrument Technician at oil platform. Which I’m not really keen on… but right now it’s the only way to support my family. I can’t say that I earn crazy money, it’s just enough to “rise the head slightly higher than average person“.

On the other side – frequent flights, sleeping at airports, sometimes dangerous job situations and, the most annoying, spending half of my life away from home. All these keeps me in constant search of financial FREEDOM. In other words, I just want to quit that Rat Race, get of the employer’s needle and spend more time for my personal projects.

The MOST IMPORTANT for me is my FAMILY. Simple things like doing homework with my son, early morning walk with a dog, having a good laugh with my wife, being near to supporting parents, would make my life much more happier.

I know, that helping others not always pays in return. But I rely on your support in my journey to FREEDOM. Even ONE DOLLAR will make me closer to my dream… The progress reports are published here. Ones I beat my monthly net salary, I will quit my day job.


I don’t search for money, I search for freedom…