My Apple account was hacked
My Apple ID account got hacked – What should I do? [Self-Help Guide]
In the last few months I was getting a lot of question from people who’s had their Apple accounts hacked.
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How to remove apple id from iphone
How to remove Apple ID from iPhone [Dummy Guide]
It must be a terrible feeling to find your iPhone stuck at activation screen after iOS update/restore.
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How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock
How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone – Myths, Truth and Reality
Hello guys! In this article I’m going to reveal very important information which you may not like about
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My iPhone won't turn on - WTF?
My iPhone won’t turn on! What should I do? [Quick Fix]
Let’s be realistic… iPhone and iPad haven’t fallen from the skies… but indeed were
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How to charge iPhone
My iPhone won’t charge! What should I do? [Fix]
Nothing is more frustrating when your gadget is not working as it should, but you don’
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Can't receive an e-mail from Apple
Apple confirmation e-mail messages are not delivered to me! – Here is the reason why!
Everybody knows that any changes your do to Apple ID account, should be confirmed via your e-mail address.
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How to reset Apple ID password
Forgot Apple ID password or login? Here is how to reset it!
When you created Apple ID you had to specify a password which should consist of lower and upper case
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None as Apple ID payment option
Why «NONE» option is NOT available at Apple ID payment methods [Fix]
Hi! This article is dedicated to people who still can’t find a NONE option at Apple ID payment method page.
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Why YouTube Videos Not Playing on iPhone? [Fix]
I have recently came across a problem when my wife’s iPhone stopped playing videos in YouTube app and
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Dropped an iphone in water
Dropped iPhone in water! What to do? [Rescue Guide]
I bet you’re stressed right now… Probably you also don’t know what to do since you just dropped
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