How to Unlock iPhone? [Ultimate Guide]

How to unlock iPhone


Hi there! I presume, you found this page since your iPhone is LOCKED… OK, it’s good that you found me, since I’m honestly willing to help. There are so many articles out there which either confuse people or try to promote some dodgy unlocking services. Beware, BTW!!! I’m not gonna do that… Instead we’ll try to resolve your problem and see what options you have to unlock your iPhone.

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Understanding “Syncing iPhone with this iTunes library will replace media…” [FIX]

Syncing iPhone with this iTunes

In one of the previous articles I gave you five different working methods of downloading music to iPhone. In that article I didn’t mentioned any possible problems which may occur while adding music to iPhone via iTunes. Today we’ll cover the reason why you might get a message “Syncing iPhone with this iTunes library will replace media from another iTunes library on Computer. An iPhone can only sync with one iTunes library at a time.” and what all that means. At the end I will provide 2 alternative ways of adding music to iPhone so the message above doesn’t bother you any more.

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How to Download Music on iPhone for offline use? [Ultimate Guide]

How to Download Music on iPhone

After reading this article you’ll get a MUST HAVE fundamental knowledge, which you will be applying almost every time you want to copy files to iOS device. Today I will show you how to download music on iPhone in five different ways. Which one to choose and use is going to be up to your choice. We are not going to cover any streaming services like Apple Music etc., but instead will learn how to download music files to iPhone’s memory for offline use. This way you’ll be able to listen to you favorite tunes any time (no internet required). Some methods described below might seem weird (to more advanced users), but trust me, these methods give more flexibility and are very easy to understand and implement.

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How to adjust iPhone Alarm Volume [Mini Guide]

How to Adjust iPhone Alarm Volume

Have you ever jumped on the bed straight after hearing a wake alarm… which was set by you last night actually? I experience that unpleasant feeling quite often, and usually when my wife is supposed to wake up for work. For unknown reason she sets the alarm volume for maximum and chooses unpleasant for my ears ringtone. In order NOT to start my mornings with a shocking therapy, I had to show my lovely wife how to adjust iPhone alarm volume the night before she goes to work. If you still don’t know how to… I’m gonna share it with you too. Below!

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My Apple ID account got hacked – What should I do? [Self-Help Guide]

My Apple account was hacked

In the last few months I was getting a lot of question from people who’s had their Apple accounts hacked. This is a real problem and ones it happens, most likely all devices, connected to this account, will be remotely locked by hackers. No one is secure and it can happen to anyone. You may be surprised, but in most cases it’s the account holder who let the “intruders into the house”. How to avoid that situation and what to do if it’s already happened are the topics of today’s article. The following information is a must read for every iPhone user.

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How to remove Apple ID from iPhone [Dummy Guide]

How to remove apple id from iphone

It must be a terrible feeling to find your iPhone stuck at activation screen after iOS update/restore. Being asked for previous owner Apple ID account, such devices are literally turned into bricks. It usually happens if iPhone/iPad was used by different person before getting to your hands. In this article I’ll show you how to remove Apple ID from iPhone and what it takes to unlock an iPhone if it already asks for activation with Apple ID you don’t know.

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How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone – Myths, Truth and Reality

How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Hello guys! In this article I’m going to reveal very important information which you may not like about your Apple devices. We are going to talk about iCloud Activation Lock Bypass. Is it really possible? I also explain what options you have when your iPhone is already locked. What can you do if stranger’s Apple ID is entered in Settings of your device? Your case may be different in some way, but the common question which bothers many iPhone users is «How to bypass iCloud Activation lock and what to do if iPhone has to be activated with Apple ID I don’t know?». I’m not making it up… The information below reflects 100% of reality, so I’m gonna share it with you now.

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My iPhone won’t turn on! What should I do? [Quick Fix]

My iPhone won't turn on - WTF?

Let’s be realistic… iPhone and iPad haven’t fallen from the skies… but indeed were created at «Job’s garage». It means Apple products are not ideal as they might look. All Apple products may glitch or crash as the rest of gadgets. If you got to the point when your iPhone won’t turn ON, read this article to the very end. Let’s figure out all possible causes and find the right solution. Don’t panic, relax and keep reading… We are going to fix it together!

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My iPhone won’t charge! What should I do? [Fix]

How to charge iPhone

Nothing is more frustrating when your gadget is not working as it should, but you don’t know what to do. Today we are going to discuss one more problem which may occur with your iPhone. What should you do and not to do when iPhone won’t charge? In this article I tried to mention all possible causes and solutions of the problem, so keep on reading to the very end. We are about to make your iPhone charging.

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Apple confirmation e-mail messages are not delivered to me! – Here is the reason why!

Can't receive an e-mail from Apple

Everybody knows that any changes your do to Apple ID account, should be confirmed via your e-mail address. Quite often Apple confirmation e-mail messages are not getting delivered to the recipient’s, thus making it impossible to implement any changes. Why is that happening? What shall you do in this case? Today I will answer for all your questions and we’ll figure out where Apple’s messages are getting lost and what is the most possible explanation of this.

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