Who am I?

Hi there! I hope you found it useful here at GeekDummy.com. All the content was created with love and just for you. This website is run by just one guy… by me. My name is Max and I’m really pleased to see you here.

Technology has been my passion for many years. I remember how my dad assembled a ZX Spectrum computer back in 1993 and how excited I was! From that moment my life had been filled with computers of all kind. That was ages ago though… Eventually I became a MAC user. I love what Apple does for the simplicity and power of their products.

There are so many blogs observing latest news and rumours, but not so many SUPPORT ORIENTED websites where normal users can get a proper advice or help. That’s how geekdummy.com was born. The place where we can discuss, share and find solution for all sort of topics. Check it out… We have Step-by-Step Guides, How-to Manuals, Troubleshoot and DIY articles.

I’m here to HELP YOU guys with any problems related to your gadgets.

So don’t be shy, ASK ME A QUESTION!